Kaiser Family Tree

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In the past few years, I have been compiling a family tree of our part the Kaiser clan, mainly as descended from Harry Albert Kaiser (1876 - 1953) and Emma May (Wingerd) Kaiser (1876 - 1969), my Great-Grandparents.

This is not a traditional family tree in that I am not concentrating so much on tracing back to ancestors as much as in documenting all the family relationships of the descendents of Harry and Emma and those who have married into that family. This is to help all of us in the family understand our connections to each other better. As a result, it documents many who would not show up in normal descendant charts, such as step-children, other marriages, etc.

That said, while I concentrate on recent generations, I would certainly be interested in further information about our ancestors. As you can see, I don't have much. I'd also be glad to receive any interesting tidbit-type stories about family members, either living or deceased.

If you drop by to read up on our family, please drop me an email or a note in the Guestbook.
Jeff Wilkinson, jwilkinson@mail.com

Privacy Concerns prevent me from distributing the current generation information publicly on the website, so I have provided several forms of information here, some password-protected.

Kaiser Reunion Photo Gallery
This gallery includes group photos from the 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 Kaiser family reunions, as well as other reunion photos going back to 1995. If you are family email me for the password. You can download copies or make prints right from the gallery. Photo contributions from others gladly accepted! 8/2008: 2008 reunion shots are there now...
Kaiser Family History Photos (1), public
Here are a few interesting photos from our family reunions, of family heirlooms and of Emma Kaiser. Older photos are on page-2 and page-3.
Kaiser Family Tree, only page 1, public, pdf
This only shows page 1, the children and known siblings and ancestors of Emma and Harry Kaiser, my Great-grandparents. This page shows what we know so far about our Kaiser & Wingerd ancestors. This is public and is not protected. (11x17" version) Updated 7/17/2009.
Family Tree, all pages, private, zipped pdf's
This Zip file contains 2 PDF files of all pages of the descendant family tree of Emma and Harry Kaiser. Since it contains mostly info of living family, it is private and the Zip file is password-protected. Email me for the password. Do not pass this to non-family without contacting me first please. One file is formatted for 8.5x11" paper and the 2nd for 11x17" paper. Updated 7/26/2009.
Family Data Sheets, public, pdf
These sheets can be printed out and sent to me to give me the information I need for maintaining the family tree. If you have not filled these out for me at family reunions or if your info or that of someone you know is missing or incorrect in the family tree, please fill one out and send it to me. A zipped MS Word97 file is also available.
Grieve Family Tree, public
Grieve family tree and photos, Victor Lowell Grieve was my grandfather, married to Naomi Vera Kaiser. Not Kaisers, but related.

Currently Researching...

Supporting Documents

Here are a few scans and transcripts of documents, obituaries, etc. They give some interesting additional information. If you have more related docs - particularly obituaries, please send me a scan, text/doc/html file or link.

Person Dates Docs
Various -
  • Census Hits: I have found a number of interesting US census records for various family members during my research. I'll post that information sometime, hopefully soon.
  • Kaiser Family Bible data, from Lawrence E. Kaiser, has dates for a number of our Kaiser ancestors
Henry F. Kaiser 1835-1906
  • Research on Henry F. Kaiser (1835-1906) for Kaiser Family Tree
  • Unfortunately we don't know HFK's parents' names, so he is the current dead-end of our Kaiser-line tracing. Any further information would definitely be appreciated.
  • tombstone
  • HFK served in the American Civil War but was discharged early for vision problems that eventually led to legal blindness. He applied for disability benefits, on the assertion that the blindness was a service-related injury. The benefits were eventually denied, but there is an extensive and interesting file on the case in the U.S. National Archives, including information about HFK's early life. I have a paper copy, as do other family members. If you're family and you'd like a copy just ask.
  • Harry Lee Kaiser Jr. has a "First Defenders" medal that was given to HFK for his early enlistment in the civil war. (photo)
  • Photos
  • "The Blind Man's Lament" - sung & composed by Henry F. Kaiser
Mary Elizabeth (Black) Kaiser 1845-1906 tombstone
Mary Jane (Boggs) Wingerd 1852-1944 her Bible (with photos)
Harry Albert Kaiser 1876-1953 obit, funeral card
Emma May (Wingerd) Kaiser 1876-1969 obituary, obit-text, article-89th birthday, article-91st birthday,
Clara Susan (Rotz) Kaiser 1906-1978 funeral card
Paul Gordon Kaiser 1914-1986 obituary
Lula Viola (Garvin) Kaiser 1909-1988 funeral card
Lawrence Edgar Kaiser 1898-1991 obituary
Lawrence Edgar and
Hazel Lorraine (Carbaugh) Kaiser
- 65th wedding anniversary article
Mary Loretto (Kaiser) Henry 1908-1993 obituary
Helen Irene (Stouffer) Kaiser 1918-1993 obituary, funeral card, writing
William D. Rosenberry 1935-1994 obituary
Rev. Dr. John Herbert Ness 1919-2000 obituary, census data   See also Ness line research.
Elizabeth M. "Bet" McCleary Monn 1920-2001 obituary (mother to Connie E. Kaiser - wife of Harry Lee Kaiser Jr.)
Naomi Vera (Kaiser) Grieve Ness 1918-2002 obituary
Harry Lee Kaiser Sr. 1906-2003 funeral card, obituary
Chester S. Rotz 1920-2003 obituary, photo (brother to Clara Susan Rotz - wife of Harry Lee Kaiser Sr.)
Jack E. Gartside 1917-2004 obituary (2nd husband of Helen Stouffer Kaiser)
John S. Kelso Jr 1941-2004 obituary 1, obituary 2, (txt)
Samuel Cyrus Stouffer 1914-2004 obituary, photo (brother to Helen Stouffer Kaiser - wife of Paul Gordon Kaiser)
Charles Wallace 'Wally' Kaiser 1911-2004 obituary, article
Bertha M. (Henry) Wilson 1942-2006 obituary (daughter of Mary (Kaiser) & Owen Henry)
Owen Clarence Henry 1909-2006 obituary, photo (husband of Mary Loretto Kaiser)

Other Resources

Note: If you are interested in our Wilkinson-side genealogy, you'll have to contact my Dad (Richard Wilkinson) or my aunt, Sue Thompson. They are the serious researchers for that side, and have traced our family back and forth for many generations and several potential books' worth. Email me for their contact info if necessary.

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