Research on our Ness line, starting at John Herbert Ness

Naomi and John Herbert Ness

Here are some of my notes and links gathered in researching my Ness family line. I'm working back from my step-grandfather, Rev. Dr. John Herbert Ness (1919-2000).

I'll post something more structured here on that once it's more stable. In the meantime, here are a few tasty tidbits.

Suggestions and data always welcomed. Thanks! Jeff Wilkinson

One problem I'm having is that there seem to be many copies of family tree data going back to Matthias Ness/Nehs Sr., but they have variations and contradictions. Many seem to be quick copies of others' data.
Does anyone know any good reliable, well-sourced data on this Ness line?

Also, I've heard that the Ness family has large family reunions and a huge tree of family data, but who is the contact for that? The last contact our family had was in 1981.

Supporting Documents

Here are a few links, scans and transcripts of documents, obituaries, etc. They give some interesting additional information. If you have more related docs - particularly obituaries, please send me a scan, text/doc/html file or link.

Person Dates Docs
Rev. Dr. John Harrison Ness 1891-1980
Rev. Dr. John Herbert Ness 1919-2000
Naomi Vera (Kaiser) Grieve Ness 1918-2002 (wife of JHerbN, my grandmother) obituary

Other Resources

Our Ness Line

This is the general line I believe we're part of. This is roughly listed here with a few of the sources I've found so far. I'll post a prettier report later.

One warning: once you get to researching the York County, PA Nesses, you'll find that there are a lot of them there... and a great many seem to be named John Ness, often without middle names listed. (Argh!) My grandfather's living descendants also include a number of John Nesses. For the sake of future genealogy research, please start naming your sons something other than John... Please!!! ;-)