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HomeSite allows users to write WSH (Windows Scripting Host) scripts that can automate much of the program to make repetitive tasks easier or to perform complex tasks or code generation. See the HomeSite manual for the details about how to access the VTOM (Visual Tools Object Model) via scripts.

I've listed the HomeSite WSH scripts here that I thought were useful for ASP (and non-ASP) work. Look there or at WSH resource links to find other useful scripts, examples and docs to help you write your own scripts. There are also a number of articles on scripting HomeSite. If you have written a useful script, even if it isn't for ASP, please submit it.

Name Description Author Requires Link Updated
ActiveScripts / WSH Scripts
HTML to ASP converters # 
AddRespWrite2 Converts selected HTML to Response.Write code statements, modifying the quotes in the line so they will work inside double quotes. This is very useful if you have HTML code you want to simply paste into an ASP page to be written by the server. Highly recommended.

This enhanced version of Chris' original script has several advantages including: It parses the @LANGUAGE tag for the correct syntax to use (java/jscript vs vbscript), uses "with blocks" for larger blocks of code, and handles embedded <%=var%> tags. See the ReadMe for more information.

Joel Mueller HS 4+ # 7/11/00
AddRespWrite Converts selected HTML to Response.Write code statements, modifying the quotes in the line so they will work inside double quotes. This is very useful if you have HTML code you want to simply paste into an ASP page to be written by the server. AddRespWrite2 is generally more powerful. Chris Bradford HS 4+ # 3/2/99
HTML to Response.Write Converts selected HTML to Response.Write code statements. Similar to AddRespWrite and AddRespWrite2, this can account for ASP variables within your HTML but is not as powerful as AddRespWrite2. Note that it replaces double quotes with single quotes (') Nader Yacoub
HS 4+ # 6/16/00
Function Browsers, etc # 
Script Explorer

This Function Browser is similar to Procedure Explorer, but with additional features. It gives you a quick way to look at all the functions in all your open files, jump to one, insert function calls, or add a comment block to the top of your file to enumerate all the functions in that file. You can keep your include files open and have easy access to all common code. Useful for client-side and server-side j[ava]script or vbscript. (now has vbscript "Sub" support) Nate Weiss

Was called JavaScript Function Browser
HS 4+ # 2/17/00
Procedure Explorer This Function Browser works from a toolbar button. It pops up a list box pick list of every Sub or Function in the current file. Clicking on a procedure jumps your cursor to that Sub/Function. Your script will be untouched, with no modifications. Trevor Brierly HS 4+ # 8/16/01
Goto Function2

(ver 1)
This script is intended to mimic the Shift-F2 functionality in the Visual Basic IDE. Basically, this will inspect the word around the cursor, and search for a function or sub that has that name. It will then scroll the editor pane to the beginning of that method.

The gotofunc2 update to the original script can now search all open documents, find the exact procedure name (rather than a substring), and highlight the found word.
v1 by Corey Haines

v2 by William Morris
HS 4+ # 1/19/05
ASP Function Insight (Builder) ASP Function Insight (builder) creates VTML tags for ASP functions. Use this script to create the VTML tags for your Expression Builder file from the function calls in any ASP library file. Then add the tags to the EB file and EB and Function Insight will support your custom functions. Stan Zilberleyb HS 4+ # 12/30/99
XSLTemplate Explorer This XSL template browser works from a toolbar button. It pops up a list box pick list of every <xsl:template/> tag in the current file. Clicking on an entry in the list jumps your cursor to that location. Your script will be untouched, with no modifications. For ASP developers using HomeSite to create long complex XSLT/XSL documents with lots of templates. Note that this is a mod of Procedure Explorer. Trevor Brierly HS 4+ # 8/21/01
See also the ExpressionBuilder Extensions for other function-writing support.
Include Support # 
Browse with #includes This script will replace any include commands (<!--#include virtual="" --> or <!--#include file="" -->) with the contents of the included file, letting you debug or browse with the included content in. Christopher Bradford HS 4+ # 11/10/98
See also Edit linked file and the HomeSite v5+ function Edit Include. See an article describing this function at "Editing Referenced Files in HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio".
See also Design-Side Includes.
Form Building Aids # 
GetFields This script will go through your FORM, grab any INPUT names and creates a DIM string to declare the variables and the necessary Request statements to retrieve those values for use in an ASP page. It's a more automated version of formVarSetup. Several options and easily modifiable. Keith Collison HS 4+ # 9/27/00
All-In-One All-in-Once is an update & replacement to both formVarSetup and rsVarSetup. See more details below. Carl Mc Dade
HS 4+ # 3/3/01
formVarSetup Creates a series of "varFoobar = Request.Form("varFoobar")" statements from a list of variables. Several options and easily modifiable. Keith Collison HS 4+ # 12/12/99
rsVarSetup Creates a series of "varFoobar = rs("varFoobar")" statements setting recordset fields to variables from a list of variables. A mod of formVarSetup. Kathi O'Shea HS 4+ # 10/10/00
ASP Simple Form Builder Takes lines of plain text and constructs a simple text box form that you can modify later. A good script to customize.! Aaron Trubic HS 4+ # 10/10/00
ADO Form Builder This script will take a plain text file with a list of variables and turn it into a html based form with field names in place. Also generates a snippet to place in an ASP page to populate your database with the exact contents of the form! (Add Record) All with one click and the script is fully customizable. Shaved hours from my ASP development time. Aaron Trubic HS 4+ # 10/25/00
Form Builder Another HTML Form builder, creating form HTML from lines of variable names similar to ADO Form Builder. This one also adds JavaScript form validation methods as created in v1.34a of qForms. Ted Bouskill HS 4+ # 8/30/01
Create Option List from Selection This script converts a selection of lines to option tags with "value" arguments. "value" can be set or blank. If set, value can be set to an ordinal number or by the content of the tag (selection). Czech and English language versions included. Tomas Berdych HS 4+ # 7/7/04
Create Option List This script brings up a HTML dialog, where the user can input up to 12 option/value pairs, and the script will then automatically create the OPTION HTML tags with the values. Optionally you can check to have no values added, or have them the same as the options. DrTebi HS 4+ # 6/30/04
See also ASP Form Variable dialog and Listomatic.
Comment and Documentation Aids # 

Comment Header Insertion
This script will insert commented header information into the top of current file with the filename, username, and dates already filled in. The header will be commented out in a manner appropriate to the file type being edited. Subsequent calls to this script will update the "Last Updated" field and the "Last modified by" field, without modifying anything else. Currently supported: cfm, asp, asa, js, vbs, htm, bas, css, html, shtml, stm, pl, php3 Joel Mueller HS 4+ # 11/22/99
Comment Block Tool This is a custom add-in that allow the user to insert code documentation at the top of all code templates in an easy standard format. This tool pops up a set of dialog boxes that request information from the user and then generates a document header. This tool is a must have for any consultant that needs to document all code in a standard format. Defaults to CF-style comments, but can be easily modified using the included directions for comment styles for other languages (HTML, ASP, PHP or JSP/Java, etc). Jon Cole HS 4+ # 5/4/01
CVS Header Script This script, based on cis_header will insert a 'standard' CVS file header into the top of current file. It is designed specifically for use with PHP scripting, and has been tested in those documents only. It is also written to support standard comment markers for the following file types (by extension): htm, css, xml, and js. Note, that it is "very" easy to alter the begining and ending comment markers, or to add support for other extensions. Some ASP support was removed from cis_header in writing this script. Robert J Sherman HS 4+, WSH # 10/18/02

Function and Inline Commenting
This package allows VBScript (other languages work as well with a little tinkering) comments to be placed through the currently opened source file. These comments are well laid out and allow developers to quickly insert Function and Inline comments.

This package also illustrates good use of scripts to install other scripts.

Mythran HS 4+ # 9/20/02
Comment and UnComment Code This package includes two scripts -- one to comment code, the other to uncomment code. Each works with a selection, and prepends/strips comment characters at the beginning of each line. Code indentation is preserved. This greatly speeds development and debugging by allowing whole blocks of code to be rapidly commented and uncommented - with a keystroke or from the toolbar. Both scripts work by attempting to guess what comment characters (language) is required from the file extension. Sam Foster
HS 4+ # 2/9/01
VBScript Comment This script will comment the selected lines of VBScript code. Since VBScript doesn't have "block comments" like other languages, this can be very handy, particularly for ASP developers. Joel Mueller HS 4+ # 4/26/99
VBScript Uncomment This script will uncomment the selected lines of VBScript code. Since VBScript doesn't have "block comments" like other languages, this can be very handy, particularly for ASP developers. Joel Mueller HS 4+ # 4/26/99
Sub routine and function commentor Helps you create comment headers for functions and subroutines using 2 simple toolbar buttons that call scripts. See also the .Net version. Iain Alexander HS 4+ # 1/10/02
noComment Removes CF and HTML type comments from a block of selected text. Bryan LaPlante HS 4+ # 5/9/00
C-style Comment/Uncomment This script comments the current selection, or uncomments it if it already is commented with the long C-Style comment for PHP (or C, C++, Javascript, JScript etc.) Notable particularly because you can uncomment by just placing your cursor anywhere within a /*   */ comment pair and it will find the nearest comment start and end to remove. DrTebi HS 4+ # 5/24/04
Upload and File Transfer Help # 
An Improved FTP Upload Script A script to speed up HomeSite's ftp update process by storing dates in a file for quicker comparison. "One of the major bugbears of HomeSite is that using the iterative file deployment scripts takes almost forever. This script changes all that by attempting to post only the most recent updates rather than a brute force FTP upload. What used to take fifteen to twenty minutes for the script to check and upload a large project now only takes a matter of seconds." Malcolm Smith
HS 4+? # 5/21/02
Save2Server With one click, you can upload the active file in HomeSite to the deployment location defined in the properties for its project folder. It's as easy as clicking the "Save" button while working on a web page. Written because there doesn't appear to be a way to deploy an individual file in HomeSite. This script is VERY useful when you don't have a local web server and you are forced to test your web pages remotely. Brian Bellack
HS 4+ # 11/9/01
External Program Calling from HomeSite # 
File Compare Utility Call Script This script gives the HomeSite editor the ability to call an external file compare/diff utility and to pass it the path/filenames of 2 selected files. A popup dialog lets you select 2 files to compare from those currently open in HomeSite. Check dmoz for diff utilities. (Now supports remote files too) Christian Swoboda
and Yuri Weseman
HS 4+ # 5/19/04
Compiler Call Scripts for ASPX C#/VB.Net

(C# script)
(VB.Net script)
(mirror of page)
These scripts call a C# or VB.Net compiler for ASP.NET code behind pages. They dynamically create a .bat file in the HomeSite root and then run the cs .Net compiler. The scripts then create the /bin directory and copy the compiled .dll to the directory. Then they run the internal HS browser to preview the .aspx file (Assuming your aspx has the same base name. ex: myClass.aspx / myClass.aspx.cs). Separate scripts for C# and VB.Net. Michael Jaffe
& Michael Volz
.Net Framework and IIS
# 2/23/03
Compiler Call Scripts for C# Another set of scripts for calling a C# compiler for ASP.NET pages. These come with bat files and make a nice example for passing files and paths to a command-line utility from HomeSite. Easy to mod for other uses. See RC's blog entry. Raymond Camden
HS4+ # 1/22/04
Compiler Call Script for C#/VB.Net This script calls a VB.Net or C# compiler for ASP.NET code. It dynamically creates a .dll file in the bin directory. It runs directly in the HomeSite IDE so no .bat file is necessary and all call's are made to imports. (english and portugese versions) Cosme Marins HS4+ # 6/4/04
.Net Compile This script allows the compilation of scripts and then allows you to step through any errors, opening the appropriate file for the error that it is currently positioned on. It will also attempt to position the cursor at the exact location in the file. This supports C#, J#, VB and JScript. Brian Dines
HS 4+ # 8/11/05
.java file compile A simple script that you can use to compile the active file if it is a .java file. (uses javac) Install it as a custom button on the toolbar as an ActiveScript file. Should be easily modifiable for other compiled file types and other file processors. Gary Hitch HS 4+ # 4/23/01
SQL Query Aids       See also Add-On's: XML, XSL, XSLT, SQL # 
SQL Server Query Analyzer This vbs file will allow you to run any valid SQL statement against SQL Server 7/2k dbo without having to leave HomeSite. After setting up the file as "execute an Active Script File", just select your SQL string in your current HomeSite document and click the custom button or shortcut you set up. Alex Harter HS 4+? # 6/22/02
Launch SQL Server Query Analyzer Launches the Microsoft Query Analyser. It will open specific servers/databases if you are working with a homesite project and in the root of the project you have a db.txt file. Brian Dines
HS 4+ # 8/8/05
Execute SQL Query Allows the execution of a query within homesite and displays the results in a new windows. You can highlight part of a query and execute only the highlighted part. Brian Dines
HS 4+ # 8/8/05
SQL To ADO XML This script takes a connection string and an SQL statement and returns the ADO-generated XML file in a new document. Corey Haines
HS 4+ # 8/10/00
Miscellaneous Editing Aids # 
All-In-One Creates a series of "varFoobar = someobject("varFoobar")" statements setting object fields to variables from a list of variables.

One can set any variable or variable type using the selected text as objects or set custom variable and objects. For instance you could set request.form() or session() ... etc to the selected text, use the default Rs() or make up a custom list and set it to application(). Spaces and special characters are trimmed out of object names a-z, 0-9 , _ and . are allowed. This is an update & replacement to both formVarSetup and rsVarSetup

Carl Mc Dade
HS 4+ # 3/3/01
AutoComplete Script This script is supposed to mimic the autocomplete functions like those on the unix command line, where you hit tab and it fills in characters that match existing filenames. Except this can be used mostly for variable names. It works by reading in the whole document, and searching for words that match the part of a word you have typed. Tie it to a keyboard shortcut for easy use. Earle Castledine
HS 4+ # 2/20/04
Autocomplete script SC This script will attempt to autocomplete the word before the current cursor position (or before the current selection if text is selected) based on the words in the file being edited and/or a special word list. Initially it's only specially set up for PHP files. For more information about how the script works and possible ways to customize it please see the comments at the beginning of the AutoCompleteSC.js file. Sean Callan HS 4+ # 9/7/05
Edit linked file

(see 'Open File' for an improved script for the same function)
This script allows you to edit the file a link points to. Clicking on the script when your cursor is within a support tag opens the linked file in HomeSite or the associated editor. This version of Chris Bradford's original editlinkedfile2 script has been enhanced to support:
  • normal linked files, e.g. <a href="../file.htm">link</a>
  • images, e.g. <IMG src="img/file.gif">
  • include file links (SSI/ASP), e.g. <!-- #include file="inc/" -->
  • JavaScript source files, e.g. <script src="js/checkInputData.js">
  • CSS links, e.g. <link rel="STYLESHEET" type="text/css" href="../styles/global.css">
  • .asp - vbscript code links, e.g. Response.write "<A href=""somefolder/page.asp"">
Please note: works only for relative links. See also "Editing Referenced Files in HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio"
Nenad Rogic

Chris Bradford
HS 4+ # 12/14/01
Open File This script allows you to edit the file a link points to. Clicking on the script when your cursor is within a support tag opens the linked file in HomeSite or the associated editor.

This version is more powerful and flexible than "Edit linked file" since it gets around the specifics of particular linking or include syntax by opening any relatively-linked file whose path and filename is within quotes.

This also handles #name in urls and attempts to navigate to the line containing the corresponding <a name="name">. It can call an external app based on a table of filename extensions.

Please note: works only for relative links. See also "Editing Referenced Files in HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio"
Brian Dines
HS 4+ # 3/30/05
Escape HTMLString Converts a few key characters to their escaped entity equivalents - for displaying HTML code on a page. (Note that this article teaches how to do this as well.) Sam Foster
HS 4+ # 10/6/00
HS Template Tool This powerful and flexible script will insert the contents of template files, including variables, and will allow for semi-automatic updating of date and time. Christopher Bradford HS 4+ # 10/31/98
Delete Tag This script deletes the current tag, including end tag (if applicable). It will also delete unmatched tags, such as orphan start or end tags and empty tags such as <br> and <img>. Chris Bradford HS 4+ # 12/1/00
Javascript DocWrite Simple tool for creating a creating a javascript document.write() statement out of a document/selection. Sam Foster
HS 4+ # 10/7/99
a tool to automate boring copy and paste jobs. Listomatic use a list of selected words or a number of loops to create code or even new pages. Useful for forms, lists, or create almost whatever code/text you want. More instructions are included, but here are a few of it's capabilities.
  • In Homesite create a list of word or phrases
  • Select them and open Listomatic
  • Paste the code you want to build in to the Listomatic dialog.
  • Insert [*] in where the word/phrase from the list should inserted
  • Insert [n] in the code to insert the number of current word or the loop, starting from 1
  • Insert [n--] in the code to insert the number of current word or the loop, starting from 0
  • Insert [n++] in the code to insert the number of current word or the loop, starting from 2
Mattias Johansson
HS 4+ # 12/7/05
Match Braces This script will match curly braces and other brackets ({[< or >]}), helping you make sure your scripting logic is correct. Christopher Bradford HS 4+ # 3/10/00
PowerPaste Nifty and suprisingly powerful tool for replicating some text a number of times. This in useful for example when beginning to mark up a dhtml page, where you need lots of DIV tags, IDs, classes, etc.. that differ only slightly, and to a pattern... Huge time and tedium saver. PowerPaste gives the ability to paste a block of text any (given) number of times. It supports one or more insertion markers - to be replaced by either: an incrementing number (currently 0 to n), a value from a range eg [3-12], or a value from a comma delimited list. Sam Foster
HS 4+ # 8/9/00
Proper Case This script will put the selected text into Proper Case (that is, the first letter of each word will be capitalized). It does not currently correct for words like "a", "and", and "the" which often should not be capitalized. Joel Mueller HS 4+ # 8/12/98
Change Case This script will put the selected text into lowercase, uppercase, sentence case or word case (proper case). Pops up a dialog with options and "before" and "after" text. DrTebi HS 4+ # 8/22/04
Quick Date Insert
This script (now.js) does a quick insert of today's date. Useful for versions of HomeSite before Snippet variables. Raymond Camden
HS 4+ # 9/25/03
Quote All Attributes This script allows you to quote all HTML attributes in an entire file. Christopher Bradford HS 4+ # 12/2/99
Regular Expressions Tester This script and RegExTools dll will allow you to test your regular expressions (regex) for a given text from within Homesite. Now with install scripts and instructions added by Yuri. Corey Haines
Yuri Weseman
HS 4+ # 8/15/05
Remove Columns This script provides a kind-of column mode delete for Homesite. A prompt accepts a range and deletes these text columns from the selection. (or if you just give it a number it will assume the range is 0-x) It requires a selection to run. Sam Foster
HS 4+ # 7/31/01
Remove Returns This script removes hard returns (useful for dealing with large blocks of text pasted from other applications) Christopher Bradford HS 4+ # 3/7/00
Save/Load Session Saves a list of the files you have open in HomeSite as well as keeping track of which one you were on. It allows you to specify the file name and location of this session file when saving, then on load asks for the location of a session file. It opens it, discovers what files to open, opens them, then puts you back on the file you were on. David Hicken HS 4+ # 3/04
Save/Load Editor Bookmarks
and "Converting Special Character Entities"
This article offers some examples including "Saving and Loading Editor Bookmarks (to/from a file)" and "Converting Text to Special Character Entities". The zip includes a copy of the article and clean copies of the scripts. Dan Hulse HS 4+ # 7/01
added zip 1/04
SelectScripts A set of quick scripts that act on selected text. SelUrlFormat.js, SelName.js, SelMailto.js Jeff Wilkinson HS 4+ # 3/8/00
SelBibleRef A quick script to convert selected Bible scripture references text to links. For example: Psalm 100:1-5 Jeff Wilkinson HS 4+ # 4/6/04
SelectToSnippet "Instant Snippet" a script to save the current selection to a snippet file. From the article, Under the Hood in HomeSite - Give Your Development Environment a Tuneup. Dan Hulse HS 4+ # 8/01
Email Active Document This script is used to send the active document as an email to an address you specify. It uses the Outlook object model, so you need to have Office installed on your computer. It shouldn't be too difficult to port to other mail clients. Corey Haines
HS 4+
# 8/30/00
Sitemap from HomeSite Project This script builds a sitemap linked list from a HomeSite project file. It has options to sort by either url or title and to optionally lowercase all urls. Christian Swoboda HS 4+ # 10/30/02
SmartSense intellisense Verodella SmartSense is an intellisense add-on for Homesite, mainly supporting CSS and javascript. You can add support for any language you want by adding new language definition files in the langDef folder. Unfinished language definition files for ASP and VBS are included. Mattias Johansson
HS 4+ # 1/28/06
Snapshot Tired of rebooting windows, restarting studio and reopening all your files? This custom button solves the dilimma. Click one button to save the paths of all the files you currently have open. Then come back at any time and click a second button to have studio reopen all those files for you. Daniel Farrell HS 4+? # 2/7/01
Sort Links This script will do a sort on selected lines (you can also select partial lines) based on the text of the first link on each line. That is, it sorts the link text alphabetically by line, if you have one link per line obviously. See also Text Sort Chris Bradford HS 4+ # 4/14/00
Special Character Replace Lets you replace special characters in selected text or throughout the whole document. Christopher Bradford HS 4+ # 8/27/98
Special Character Comment Replace Will replace extended characters only in comment fields, and has the option to replace in selected text. Christopher Bradford HS 4+ # 8/27/98
Special Character Selection Replace Special character replacement only in the selected text. Christopher Bradford HS 4+ # 8/27/98
Spreadsheet Import This script will convert a tab-delimited text spreadsheet to a standard HTML table format/ Justin Pierce HS 4+ # 8/11/98
Text Sort This script will sort the current selection or the active document on a line-by-line basis. Joel Mueller HS 4+ # 8/11/98
Space to Tab
(scriptX version)
Converts spaces to tabs (for those who dislike the use of spaces for indenting tags) Joel Mueller HS 4+ # 10/13/98
SQL To ADO XML This script takes a connection string and an SQL statement and returns the ADO-generated XML file in a new document. Corey Haines
HS 4+ # 8/10/00
Validate XML This script checks if the current active document has a valid XML structure. This is done by using Microsoft's XMLDOM Object. DrTebi HS 4+ # 6/29/04
Synch Directory Synchronize the directory displayed on the file pane with the one where the currently edited file resides. Nick Bradbury HS 4+ # 9/20/98
TimeWriter a HomeSite add-on that lets you monitor, log/record and report on what time you are spending editing what files in HomeSite. Yuri Weseman
HS 4+ # 8/15/05
Save and Log A HomeSite script to save the current file and make a log note of the filename and time of the save in savelog.txt. Jeff Bennett
HS 4+ # 2006
Toggle Borders Toggles table borders on/off quickly (very useful for browsing with table borders activated) Christopher Bradford HS 4+ # 8/5/98
Toggle Server Mappings This script toggles server mapping on and off, without touching the mappings themselves. It's the equivalent of opening the Settings dialog to the Browse page and toggling the "Enable server mappings" checkbox. If you then create a custom toolbar button that runs this script, you will be just a click away from quickly switching between using http mappings and local paths. John Finlayson-Fife HS 4+ # 5/17/00
cvXGrinder XSL/XML Merge Script As included in the article, Extending Homesite with XML and XSL, this script merges an active XSL document with an XML file, and displays the results within Homesite. Roger Oney HS 4+ # 7/10/03
Create XSL Stylesheet This script creates an XSL stylesheet, prompting you as needed. DrTebi HS 4+ # 6/9/04
Tridion CMS Support Scripts supporting the "full homesite integration" for the Tridion content management system (CMS). Support for R4 and R5. Choose page templates, dtd's, swap coloring parsers and more. (or for Tridion v4) Bernard Nirlo HS 4.5/5/+ # 10/15/03
URL Format Automatically creates links to URLs you have in a a text document. Joel Mueller HS 4+ # 10/1/98
View Current Windows Resource Usage Run this script in HomeSite, CF Studio, and JRun Studio to view your current system resource usage levels. From the HomeSite Technote: "Resource usage in HomeSite, ColdFusion Studio, and JRun Studio" Macromedia HS 4.5+ # 12/12/02
Scripting Examples    (Scripts showing useful techniques) # 
Auto CodeSweeper Runs CodeSweeper on all open documents with a simple toolbar button click.
Coding Example Note: The simple technique used in this script is easily modifiable to make scripts to perform other actions on all open files.
Gary Hitch HS 4+ # 9/5/02
CodeSweep Directory Runs CodeSweeper on all files in a directory.
Coding Example Note: The simple technique used in this script is easily modifiable to make scripts to perform other actions on all files in a directory.
Chris Bradford HS 4+ # 10/2/98
Script to Launch an Exe from HomeSite A simple script technique to call an application via a script and pass command-line parameters to it. Bernard Nirlo HS 4+ # 9/27/02
Script to Install or Swap Syntax Coloring Parsers A simple script technique to programmatically install syntax coloring parsers or to swap which parser is used for particular file extensions. Christian Swoboda HS 4+ # 10/7/02
Swapping Settings Dan's article, Under the Hood in HomeSite - Give Your Development Environment a Tuneup teaches how to write a script to change a number of settings. This is useful for cases when you'll need to adjust your development environment for a particular project, or for the language you're currently coding in. Changing your setup via the Settings dialog can get tiresome so use a simple script instead. Script example included in the article or here. Dan Hulse HS 4+ # 8/01
Scripted add-on installation The MythScripts package illustrates good use of scripts to install other scripts. Mythran HS 4+ # 9/20/02

Note: When I say "HS3+" in requirements, I mean that this item will work with HomeSite or Studio version 3 or greater. Likewise "HS4+" items will work with HomeSite v4.0x or Studio 4.0x or later. (including HS v5.x)

Homesite vs. Studio: Please note that these extensions are written for various version of Macromedia (Allaire) HomeSite. Macromedia also makes two other products, ColdFusion Studio and JRun Studio that are supersets of HomeSite. These extensions should work in these products as well, though you should watch the version numbers. Studio version numbers follow HomeSite versions so something that works in a particular version of HomeSite should work in that same version of CF or JRun Studio.