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HomeSite's customizable snippets and toolbars can speed your editing and help you with those reusable bits of code you need so often.

Name Description Author Requires Link Updated
Snippet Sets     (See also DevEx: HomeSite: Snippets) # 
ASPsnips This is a set of general snippets for a number of ASP/vbscript commands. If anyone knows who wrote this, please let me know. unknown HS 3+ # 11/12/98
ASPsnips_DM This is a set of useful ASP snippets from Damian. Damian Maclennan HS 3+ # 6/28/00
GDB_Snips Snippets to support GenericDB (GDB), "an open source tool which allows developers to put nearly any database on the web for viewing and/or editing with very little code." Jeff Wilkinson HS 3+ # 7/17/00
Country Drop Down Snippet with a drop down with all the countries in it. Philip Gustafson HS 3+ # 10/10/01
The Snippets Exchange at Dreamweaver has a ton of snippets for various languages. While the site says these are for DW, all I have seen so far would work equally well in HomeSite.
Toolbars     (See also DevEx: HomeSite: Toolbars) # 
SqlServ A toolbar for the management tools for SQL Server 7 Damian Maclennan HS 3+ # 12/6/99
Javascript toolbar
(or devex)
Toolbar and functions to help make coding Javascript easier. $15
(4/2007: Link is dead, am attempting to contact the author, assistance welcomed.)
Jonathan Doklovic HS 3+ # 7/16/01
Tag Editor 4 Toolbar TagEditor Tool bar for making your own tageditors using HomeSite's Visual Tools Markup Language. This version for use with HS/CFS 4.0 only. Tag Insight and Tag inspector also work for editing VTML files. Wil Genovese (web) HS 4+ # 11/10/98
XSLT toolbar Creating XSLT documents? Sick of typing in all those long <xsl:whatever/> tags? This toolbar has all of the common, and many of the not so common XSLT tags Trevor Brierly HS 3+ # 9/24/01
CS RCS/CVS ToolBar This source control toolbar comes in handy for those "non-project" types, since HS5's resource control toolbar only works with defined projects. Robert J Sherman
HS, CS-RCS # 5/25/02
PHP Toolbar A toolbar with various useful code bits and custom dialogs for PHP editing. Now with 8 Dialog Boxes, 21 Snazzy Buttons, 2 separate toolbars. Matt Zur
HS 5+ # 8/31/02
PHP Toolbar A toolbar with various useful code bits and custom dialogs for PHP editing. Milo Maneo
HS 5+ # 6/11/02
PHP Function Lookup Toolbar Button
Allows you to add the PHP Function Lookup Bookmarklet and/or a link to the online documentation at, right to a toolbar in HomeSite. The PHP Function Lookup toolbar button fires up IE with a prompt to enter a function for the lookup right from within Home Site or ColdFusion Studio.
This is a useful technique for other toolbar buttons to online help or lookups.
-enabled browser
# 11/21/02
Miva & Miva Database Toolbars A toolbar with various useful code bits and custom dialogs for Miva editing. See also the set by Mark Whiteford. Matt Zur
HS 4+ # 6/9/02
MySQL Tools Toolbar HS Toolbar for MySQL Tools, Toolbar includes: MySQL Booksonline, MySQL Explorer, MySQL Query, MySQL Service Manager, WinMySQL Admin. MySQL Tools must be installed. Robert J Sherman
HS 3+, MySQL Tools # 10/30/02
Tridion CMS Toolbar See the full entry below. Bernard Nirlo HS 4.5/5/+ # 10/15/03
CodeSweeper Profiles # 
CodeSweeper for HTML and ASP Removed. Wil doesn't recommend using CodeSweeper for ASP. Wil Genovese (web) HS 4+   -
Spell-Checker Dictionaries # 
HomeSite /CFS/JRS comes installed with several dictionaries (lexicons) for spell-checking and can generally be extended by downloading additional dictionaries. You can find links and more information at FAQ: How do I find additional Spell-Checker Dictionaries for HomeSite/CFS/JRS.
Color Palettes # 
VisiBone Web-Safe Swatch Collections Load a color palette for HomeSite using the VisiBone arrangement of the standard 216-color 'web-safe' color palette. (FAQ) Bob Stein
HS 4+ # 11/06
Other Miscellaneous Tools or Add-on's # 
Tridion CMS Support
A set of syntax coloring parsers, function insight, scripts, templates, help, toolbars and more supporting the "full homesite integration" for the Tridion Content Management system (CMS). Impressive integration. (for TCM 4.4)

Bernard also has Dreamweaver MX add-on's for Tridion at DWMX4TDS
Bernard Nirlo HS 4.5/5/+ # 12/22/04
Design-Side Includes Design-Side Includes (DSI) Web Code Reuser Utility is a free 100% Java command-line utility for inserting common sections of HTML code into multiple web pages at design-time. DSI runs on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Using DSI, Web site owners easily reuse snippets of HTML code while still realizing the benefits of deploying static web pages. (This is to solve the common problem of wanting common/included HTML headers, footers, etc but not wanting to use server-side includes) Dem Pilafian Java # 11/5/03
DB Schema Viewer
DB Schema Viewer (dbview) is a small utility, designed to be used integrated with HomeSite by adding a button on HomeSite's toolbar. The program allows you to quickly view the tables inside your databases, and the fields inside each table. This is particulary useful, when working with ASP, PHP, JSP, and other scripting languages, to be able to view the names of tables and fields of databases on a remote computer. Ricardo Alcocer
- # 4/27/01
Team Remote Debugger "Team Remote Debugger allows you and your team to trace any number of code units of any kind (ASP, MTS, T-SQL, COM+, ActiveX Exe, DLL, COM, Thread, CFML), written in any language (ASP, VB, VC++, Delphi, T-SQL, VJ, CFML) residing on multiple shared and dedicated servers at the same time, without ever attaching to process!" (author's description, not yet tested personally ~jw) Spline Technologies Corp - # 7/4/01
Dreamweaver Extensions Add-on's for Macromedia Dreamweaver to quickly create ASP or ASP+ code to connect to databases. (drop-down and db query and results table) Emmanuel Meurant DW 2/3 # unknown
activeXviewer IntelliHelp You can use the activeXviewer in Vbscript or Javascript ASP pages developed in Homesite to emulate Visual Interdev's IntelliSense feature. activeXViewer.dll is COM based and can also be used in any COM compliant development IDE to view LocalServer32 and InProcServer32 registered servers. View the activeXViewer.vbs file for example code.
(I haven't gotten to try it yet, but it sounds promising ~jeff)
Alex Harter
HS4.5/5/+ # 10/15/03
v 1.0.1
Tools for Fusebox Developers Several tools for HomeSite/Studio Fusebox developers: Homesite/Studio Fusedoc Generator for CFML, Test Harness Generator, Test Harness Manager and Fusebox 4 FuseBrowser. Not free. Steve Nelson
HS, Fusebox # 11/21/03
Tools for Fusebox Developers Sandra Clark has made available some tools and extensions for Dreamweaver MX and HomeSite+ (and ColdFusion Studio) that make it easier to write Fusedocs and the Fusebox 4 XML files. Includes tag editors, toolbars, help, etc. Sandra Clark
HS 4+ # 11/21/03
Fusebox Snippets A complete set of Fusedoc tags for Homesite. Andy Jarrett
HS 4+ # 3/10/05

Note: When I say "HS3+" in requirements, I mean that this item will work with HomeSite or Studio version 3 or greater. Likewise "HS4+" items will work with HomeSite v4.0x or Studio 4.0x or later. (including HS v5.x)

Homesite vs. Studio: Please note that these extensions are written for various version of Macromedia (Allaire) HomeSite. Macromedia also makes two other products, ColdFusion Studio and JRun Studio that are supersets of HomeSite. These extensions should work in these products as well, though you should watch the version numbers. Studio version numbers follow HomeSite versions so something that works in a particular version of HomeSite should work in that same version of CF or JRun Studio.