Asp4Hs/PHP4Hs: Submissions

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Submitting things to Asp4Hs or Php4Hs is easy. Just send me an email at and tell me what you have in mind... I'm interested in anything that might help others in using HomeSite. It does NOT have to be only for ASP, PHP or .Net but can include any HomeSite extension or tip. That can include:

... If in doubt, email me and we'll talk about it...

The "normal" procedure is this:

  1. You send me an email telling me what you have in mind, with a zipped copy of it if it already exists.
  2. We'll chat back and forth via email a bit, testing, perhaps working out details, user instructions, etc.
  3. You can either set up a web page as a download point or I can put it directly on this site for download. (using your site lets you update more easily though, or to offer things for purchase instead of free)
  4. I'll test and list it. Voila! You're famous now and many happy HomeSite users are indebted to you, at least in spirit... ;-)

Hosting: Most HomeSite extensions are small and I can provide space if necessary for anyone who wishes to release something but who doesn't have website space. If you'd prefer, you can certainly post to your own site then send me the link and info.

Under Development Area: I have started an area where you can put info about an add-in under development to help you get user testing and feedback. Let me know if you are interested in this.

Tip: Marjolein has some good tips for making distributions of Toolbars on her Toolbar Tips page. This is also a good thing to read before you package other extensions.

Non-Free Add-on's: I realize that some add-on's take major effort and may be of enough usefulness that the author wishes to offer them for sale rather than as freeware. Asp4Hs will list such things too, upon request and if the item fits within the scope of interest of this site. The author will have to manage the sale, I'll just provide a listing and link.