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Here are gathered some of the available HomeSite add-on's for work in XML, XSL, XSLT and SQL.

XML | XSL / XSLT | SQL | Ruby, Ruby on Rails

Name Description Author Requires Link Updated
XML # 
XML Reformatter This will take the current XML document (in the active window) and reformat it nicely with indentation and everything. Much thanks to Don Kackman for his great algorithm (which is available on TopXML downloads) Corey Haines
HS 4+ # 8/29/00
Validate XML This script checks if the current active document has a valid XML structure. This is done by using Microsoft's XMLDOM Object. DrTebi HS 4+ # 6/29/04
SQL To ADO XML This script takes a connection string and an SQL statement and returns the ADO-generated XML file in a new document. Corey Haines
HS 4+ # 8/10/00
XPath Tester This script will accept an XPath query and execute it on the currently active document. The resulting nodeset will be placed into a new document. It is inspired by the excellent XPath Tester utility by Teun Duynstee in his and James Britt's book, Professional Visual Basic 6 XML. Corey Haines
HS 4.5.1+ # 9/4/00
XSL / XSLT - eXtensible Stylesheet Language - Transformation # 
XSL Parser
Syntax coloring for XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language). B.J. Johnson HS 4.5+ # 5/28/02
XSL Transformation Script This transforms the currently open XML document (file extension of xml) with the currently open XSL document (file extension of either xsl or xslt) and puts the result in another window. Before executing the transformation, the script will prompt for values for any stylesheet-level parameters (nodelist = /xsl:stylesheet/xsl:param). Corey Haines
HS 4+ # 9/8/00
(XSL transform script)
This script will use the MSXSL XML Stylesheet parser to convert an XML file plus its XSL stylesheet into HTML, right from within HomeSite. Joel Mueller HS 4+ # 9/8/98
Create XSL Stylesheet This script creates an XSL stylesheet, prompting you as needed. DrTebi HS 4+ # 6/9/04
XSLTemplate Explorer This XSL template browser works from a toolbar button. It pops up a list box pick list of every <xsl:template/> tag in the current file. Clicking on an entry in the list jumps your cursor to that location. Your script will be untouched, with no modifications. For ASP developers using HomeSite to create long complex XSLT/XSL documents with lots of templates. Note that this is a mod of Procedure Explorer. Trevor Brierly HS 4+ # 8/21/01
cvXGrinder XSL/XML Merge Script As included in the article, Extending Homesite with XML and XSL, this script merges an active XSL document with an XML file, and displays the results within Homesite. Roger Oney HS 4+ # 7/10/03
XSLT toolbar Creating XSLT documents? Sick of typing in all those long <xsl:whatever/> tags? This toolbar has all of the common, and many of the not so common XSLT tags Trevor Brierly HS 3+ # 9/24/01
XSL-FO TagDefs Tag Inspector and Tag Chooser definitions for XLS-FO (formatting objects) tags. (web) HS 4.5+ # 11/1/02
XSLT Tag Insight Tag insight files for XSLT. Corey Haines
HS 4.5.1+ # 4/12/00
XSLT Tag Description XSLT Tag definitions in VTM (tag insight, tag editor, tag inspector, tag chooser). Also includes a document structure outliner for XSLT only and XSLT+HTML. Vladimir Zyrianov HS 4.5.1+ # 4/12/00
SQL # 
SQL Server Query Analyzer This vbs file will allow you to run any valid SQL statement against SQL Server 7/2k dbo without having to leave HomeSite. After setting up the file as "execute an Active Script File", just select your SQL string in your current HomeSite document and click the custom button or shortcut you set up. Alex Harter HS 4+? # 6/22/02
Launch SQL Server Query Analyzer Launches the Microsoft Query Analyser. It will open specific servers/databases if you are working with a homesite project and in the root of the project you have a db.txt file. Brian Dines
HS 4+ # 8/8/05
Execute SQL Query Allows the execution of a query within homesite and displays the results in a new windows. You can highlight part of a query and execute only the highlighted part. Brian Dines
HS 4+ # 8/8/05
Execute SQL Query A script to Execute arbitrary SQL against SQL Server from HomeSite. (executes in the background so HomeSite doesn't wait) Jeff Bennett
HS 4+ # 1/06
New Listing
SQL To ADO XML This script takes a connection string and an SQL statement and returns the ADO-generated XML file in a new document. Corey Haines
HS 4+ # 8/10/00
SqlServ A toolbar for the management tools for SQL Server 7 Damian Maclennan HS 3+ # 12/6/99
MySQL Tools Toolbar HS Toolbar for MySQL Tools, Toolbar includes: MySQL Booksonline, MySQL Explorer, MySQL Query, MySQL Service Manager, WinMySQL Admin. MySQL Tools must be installed. Robert J Sherman HS 3+, MySQL Tools # 10/30/02
MySQL For PHP and MySQL manuals and add-on's, see PHP4Hs.
ASP & SQL For add-on's to assist in ASP use of SQL, see Custom Dialogs / Tag Editors / ExpressionBuilder Extensions (VTML).
Ruby, Ruby on Rails # 
Railssite Ruby & Ruby-on-Rails support for Homesite, including: Syntax coloring for Ruby, RHTML, RJS, YAML(eRB), and RXML; (A lot of) Snippets for Ruby on Rails development; PDF installation guide, ProFontWindows - a great coders font. Christian Pelczarski
HS 4.5+ # 11/24/06

Note: When I say "HS3+" in requirements, I mean that this item will work with HomeSite or Studio version 3 or greater. Likewise "HS4+" items will work with HomeSite v4.0x or Studio 4.0x or later. (including HS v5.x)

Homesite vs. Studio: Please note that these extensions are written for various version of Macromedia (Allaire) HomeSite. Macromedia also makes two other products, ColdFusion Studio and JRun Studio that are supersets of HomeSite. These extensions should work in these products as well, though you should watch the version numbers. Studio version numbers follow HomeSite versions so something that works in a particular version of HomeSite should work in that same version of CF or JRun Studio.