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Articles relating to HomeSite, use of its features or particularly to its use for ASP, .Net or PHP will be listed here. I'll be writing some myself as well as linking to useful articles on other sites. I won't be trying to catalog all the ASP or PHP articles out there. Not my scope. Feel free to submit yours to me for inclusion or listing here. ~jw

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HomeSite General
Wikipedia: Macromedia HomeSite
encyclopedia entry about HomeSite, includes history, resource links, etc
- Wikipedia
Why use HomeSite for ASP? (or PHP)
A discussion of why you might want to use the HomeSite editor for ASP or PHP development and what features HS provides to aid you.
Jeff Wilkinson Asp4Hs
Using HomeSite 4.0 from Allaire Software for ASP Development
  (now requires subscription for access. bah)
Bart Gerardi ASPToday
Use of the Microsoft Script Debugger with HomeSite
A short write-up on using the Microsoft Script debugger for ASP or WSH/VTOM script development and debugging.
Darren Forcier Allaire forum
PHP-Related    (see also Php4Hs)
FAQ: Setting up server mappings with HomeSite/Apache/PHP
An excellent write-up about how to set up Apache, PHP and Server Mapping in HomeSite so that you can view executed .php pages on your local machine in the HomeSite internal browser window.
Dave Alders -
FAQ: Setting Up PHP for Microsoft IIS
This article explains how to install PHP with Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) web server on Windows through either the automatic or manual installation.
Andrew Stopford Macromedia
FAQ: Setting up PHP with OmniHTTPd
A step-by-step guide to installing OmniHTTPd, the latest PHP, and testing the PHP setup. (OmniHTTPd is a small webserver that you can use instead of Apache, PWS or IIS for your local webserver when developing in PHP under Windows.)
Dan Delaney Php4Hs
FAQ: Guide to installing PWS, Perl and PHP on a Windows System
A thorough guide to installing Windows Personal Web Server (PWS), Perl, and PHP on a Win98 system. A later poster added a link to his PHP installer.
David Fischer
Easy Conversion to PHP for the ASP Developer
This article gives ASP developers a head start into developing PHP scripts. It notes some of the main differences and common mistakes made by ASP developers trying to learn PHP. If you are an ASP developer and have to (or want to) learn PHP, this article is a great place to start!
Nathan Pond 4GuysFromRolla
Coding Technique & Issues Discussions
Writing Structured Code Al DeMarzio Macromedia
Street Level: Editors vs. Authoring Tools
A discussion of the issues of using a Code-based (text) editors vs. WYSIWYG editors for HTML. (mirror)
Robert Crooks Macromedia
Beginner Tip: The Pro's and Con's of WYSIWYG Editors
Another discussion of the issues of using a Code-based (text) editors vs. WYSIWYG editors for HTML.
Larisa Thomason NetMechanic Webmaster Tips
WYSIWYG or the Real Thing?
Another discussion of the issues of using a Code-based (text) editors vs. WYSIWYG editors for HTML.
Nadav Savio WebMonkey
Using Microsoft Access Databases in a Production Environment - Macromedia KB
Creating or Using HomeSite Customization Add-in's - Extending HomeSite
Creating Syntax Highlighting Parsers for HomeSite
A basic tutorial that provides a introduction to the process of creating and installing syntax parsers for HomeSite 4.5 and later. Runs you through a simple example parser development. Essential reading for tsyntaxmemo syntax parser work. (offline zipped copy)
B.Collier Jones WebElement
Writing or Converting Help Sets for HomeSite Use
One of the more useful features of the HomeSite editor is that it has a system for built-in help and documentation that is easy to customize and extend. Here are some suggestions for how to write help doc sets or convert existing ones for best use under HomeSite.
Jeff Wilkinson Macromedia
Adding New Help Topics to Studio
"Ever wished you had easy access to Help on non-CF topics such as JavaScript, SQL, and DHTML? Did you know you could easily add such new Help topics to Studio?" (pub 1/2002)
Charlie Arehart
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CF Developer's Journal
Using JavaScript in HomeSite 4.0, Part I
Part 1 of a detailed tutorial about scripting HS, not about using HS to write javascript. Learn how to write and execute scripts, and how to use Application Object's methods and properties. (Application, ActiveDocument and DocumentCache objects)
- WebReference
Doc JavaScript
Using JavaScript in HomeSite 4.0, Part II
Part 2 of a detailed tutorial about scripting HS, not about using HS to write javascript. Learn how to use JavaScript to take advantage of HomeSite 4.0's powerful ability to manipulate toolbars, projects, cached and active documents.
- WebReference
Doc JavaScript
Using JavaScript in HomeSite 4.0, Part III
Part 3 of a detailed tutorial about scripting HS, not about using HS to write javascript. Learn how to use HomeSite's HTTP interface and ZIP file manipulations. (HTTPProvider and ZIPProvider objects)
- WebReference
Doc JavaScript
Roll Your Own Features in HomeSite and Studio
This article offers some examples of adding new features to HomeSite through the built-in scripting and VTOM features. Examples include "Converting Text to Special Character Entities" and "Saving and Loading Editor Bookmarks. (to/from a file)" Here's a zip with a clean copy of the article and scripts.
Dan Hulse Macromedia
Under the Hood in HomeSite - Give Your Development Environment a Tuneup
This article takes a look at a few workspace features in HomeSite which can be streamlined and customized without having to go through multiple dialogs or wading through the depths of the Settings window. See the script to swap settings in particular.
Dan Hulse Macromedia
Extending ColdFusion Studio
This article takes a look at extending HomeSite/CFS/JRS using VTML to create tag editors, the little dialog boxes that pop up when you right-click on a tag and select Edit Tag or hit the shortcut key.
Ben Forta Macromedia - Blog - Viewing By Category : Tips (CF Studio)
Ben offers many short, but useful tips in his blog, covering VTML, WIZML, VTOM scripting and more.
Ben Forta
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VTML by Example (part 1 of 3)
"This article demonstrates how to customize and extend ColdFusion Studio's capabilities. Allaire has built lots of nice widgets into the Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to help developers wherever they can." Explains how to easily generate the necessary VTML code for providing Tag Inspector, Tag Help, and Tag Insight features inside CF Studio for your custom tags. CFDJ Vol:3 Issue:6, Jun. 7, 2001
Christian Schneider
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ColdFusion Developer's Journal
VTML by Example (part 2 of 3)
"Part 2 focuses on building Tag Editor dialogs using VTML to provide real user interface-based dialogs for your custom tags in CF Studio. CFDJ Vol:3 Issue:7, Jul. 11, 2001
Christian Schneider
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ColdFusion Developer's Journal
WIZML by Example - ColdFusion Studio Wizards (part 3 of 3)
"This article is the third in a series on customizing the CF Studio IDE... This article demonstrates how to design CF Studio Wizards using the Wizard Markup Language (WIZML)." CFDJ Vol:3 Issue:12, Dec. 3, 2001
Christian Schneider
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ColdFusion Developer's Journal
VTML Tips & Techniques
Marjolein Katsma, author of many of the existing VTML tag editors, presents a number of tips & techniques for writing VTML on her HSHelp site. Note that these are to be used after you have read the VTML programming docs in the HomeSite help tree.
Note: MK plans a VTML tutorial. In the meantime see her posts in this thread, particularly the Nov 9th, 2001 post. (Why not a VTM tutorial?) If you have problems seeing all of this thread (35 posts), see the mirror copy.
Marjolein Katsma HSHelp
Know your Tools: Customizing Studio 1
About customizing the tag definitions used by the tag inspector and tag insight in HomeSite or Studio.
Michael Dinowitz FusionAuthority
Extending Homesite with XML and XSL
"Examines the value of extending your development tools to meet your needs. The article highlights a custom script that merges an active XSL document with an XML file, and displays the results within Homesite."
Roger Oney CodeVista
HomeSite/CFS/JRS Feature Guides & Tutorials
Setting up Server Mappings in HomeSite
Setup and use tutorial for the important Server-Mapping feature, which lets developers view pages in the editor after they have been run through a local webserver.
Chris Bradford Macromedia
How to setup a server mapping in HomeSite
Technote about setting up server mappings.
- Macromedia
Browsing Within CF Studio/HomeSite+
"Do you know how to use the internal browse capability in CF Studio/ HomeSite+? Did you know that you don't need to use the RDS feature to be able to do so? And that you can use it to browse not only CFML templates running on both ColdFusion and BlueDragon, but also JSP, ASP, PHP, and others?" (pub 8/2003)
Charlie Arehart
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CF Developer's Journal
Finding Your Way with a Mapping
"Have you ever wondered about the difference between the many kinds of mappings available to you when doing ColdFusion development? There is indeed a big difference between: Web server mappings, ColdFusion administrator mappings, The "home directory" for your domain on your Web server, CF Studio development mappings, Network drive mappings..."
Charlie Arehart
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Speeding JSP Development Using HomeSite
While this article describes the steps for combining the features of HomeSite and JRun to create a JSP Integrated Development Environment (IDE), many of the steps described are also useful for setting up an ASP or PHP IDE. (HS 4.0x)
Andre Lei Macromedia
XHTML Coding in HomeSite/ColdFusion Studio 5
With the new version of HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio, it is easier than ever to code in XHTML. You can set XHTML-specific options, use coding tools that support the XHTML 1.0 specification, use an XHTML color coding scheme, use a CodeSweeper to reformat your code to be XHTML-compliant, and validate against the XHTML 1.0 specification, all without leaving the product.
Kristi Jabbour
Dan Hulse
An XHTML-Aware Editor
How to take advantage of built-in HomeSite customization settings and features to help coders with bad (or lazy) HTML practices produce cleaner, more XHTML-aware code. (refers mainly to HS 4.5.x. See "XHTML Coding in HomeSite/ColdFusion Studio 5" for XHTML use with HS v5)
Amy Cowen Macromedia
Getting XHTML from HomeSite 4.5
HomeSite, a robust text-based HTML editor for the Wintel world, can be prodded to produce XHTML with a little help. Here's a guide to doing it in the 4.5 version. 10/10/00
Bill Mason Evolt
Writing JavaScript in HomeSite 4.5.2
HomeSite has several features that you can use when you need to generate Javascript. Among the timesaving tools are a wizard to build six common scripts, a JavaScript Tree for writing custom script, and a few other tricks that can come in handy.
Kristi Jabbour Macromedia
Codesweeper!  (or at article 8205)
How to use and customize the CodeSweeper feature in HomeSite and CF Studio 4.0+ to automatically reformats HTML code based on user configurable templates to fit their coding style.
Wil Genovese Macromedia
HomeSite tips and tricks
A very useful article with tips and tricks for how to customize HomeSite v4.0x's environment and coding aids to fit your style and your way of working. (since changed, this is accessed via the Wayback machine)
Amy Cowen
Understanding Snippets, HomeSite Unleashed, 1.
Snippets are the primo way to develop customized, site-specific chunks of reusable code for HTML, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, or your other favorite scripting language. If you're not using snippets yet, you're missing out.
Amy Cowen Macromedia
Homesite Tip: Snippets Save Time And Reduce Coding Errors
How and why to use snippets in HomeSite.
Larisa Thomason NetMechanic Webmaster Tips
Palette Power, HomeSite Unleashed, 2.
How to use HomeSite's customizable color palettes.
Amy Cowen Macromedia
Collapse Your Code
How to use the Collapsed Text feature introduced in HomeSite 4.5 and CF Studio 4.5 to help you streamline your Web development.
Amy Cowen Macromedia
Cutting Keystrokes with Auto Completion in HomeSite
How to use HomeSite's Auto Completion feature to save time for newbies and advanced coders alike.
Amy Cowen Macromedia
1-2-3-Live: Making Live Edits in HomeSite 4.5
The ability to open a file directly from an FTP server, make edits, and save the file using a single interface can both minimize the tedium of straightforward content changes and corrections and save time.
Amy Cowen Macromedia
Integrated Image Mapping
How to use HomeSite's integrated image map tool to create client-side image maps.
Amy Cowen Macromedia
Inside the HomeSite Validator VTML Configuration Files
If you're looking for a way to speed up HomeSite development, getting to know the internal workings of the Validator tool can help you along. This article discusses the benefits of taking the time to understand these VTML tags.
Darren Forcier Macromedia
Adding an ActionScript to HomeSite or Studio 4.5
TechNote 13410: Instructions for installing and using ActionScripts (WSH scripts) in HomeSite or CFS.
- Macromedia
Using Netscape as the internal browser in HomeSite/Studio
TechNote 9927: How to set up Mozilla as the internal/integrated browser in HomeSite or CFS.
- Macromedia
Project Management in HomeSite
"The multitude of files required in building a Web site, including HTML files, Cascading Style Sheets, images, application code, and scripts, can quickly overwhelm even the neatest of neat freaks. To remedy this situation, HomeSite allows Web designers to collect files associated with their initiatives into project folders and organize the folders into a directory."
Dan Zarella,
David Golden
Setting Up A Project in HomeSite 4.5 or Studio 4.5
TechNote 13411: Shows how to set up a new Project in HomeSite 4.5 or Studio 4.5. "A project is a collection of files that you use to develop your web site. Files of any type can be included in a project, for example, HTML files, Cascading Style Sheets, images, application code, scripts, and more..."
- Macromedia
Go Virtual (re HS project virtual folders)
Depending on how complicated your site architecture is, it can be tedious just to open your files- especially if each file belongs to a separate site and needs to be tracked down. However, having files clustered together for easy access, regardless of where they physically sit, can streamline both daily and task-specific processes. HomeSite 4.5 offers you that option with virtual folders, and this article explains how to use them.
Amy Cowen Macromedia
Deploying projects in HomeSite 4.5 or Studio 4.5
TechNote 13412: Shows how to Deploy projects in HomeSite 4.5 and Studio 4.5. Deployment, also known as uploading, is the process of copying all of the files in your project to the host server.
- Macromedia
Setting up FTP in HomeSite 4.5
TechNote 13364: How to setup a FTP connection in HomeSite or Studio.
- Macromedia
Setting up a Project in Source Control with HomeSite or Studio 4.5
TechNote 14802: The following procedure takes you through the steps of adding HomeSite/Studio projects to Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.
- Macromedia
Integrating Multiple Users with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe via HomeSite or Studio 4.5.1
TechNote 16754: The following procedure takes you through the steps on how to have multiple users integrate with a VSS Project via a HomeSite or Studio 4.5 Project.
- Macromedia
HomeSite's Find and Replace Tools
Want to save hundreds of hours of tedious work? HomeSite's Find, Replace, and Extended Find and Replace tools can literally save you that much time. 6-part tutorial.
Shirley Kaiser WebSiteTips:
HS Tips
Using Extended Find and Replace in Studio
"Ever had to find all the references to a given string among all the files in your application? And how about in all the files in any of several subdirectories, perhaps in your web root? Even more challenging, have you wanted to change occurrences of a string in such a large number of files? Studio's Extended Find and Extended Replace commands are just the ticket." (pub 9/2003)
Charlie Arehart
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CF Developer's Journal
Add Quotes with CodeSweeper: Automating Attribute Quotations
See how to let HomeSite's CodeSweeper automate an otherwise time-consuming task! XHTML 1.0 requires quotes around attributes. HomeSite automates some (such as <TD valign="top">) but not all of the quotes needed right now.
Shirley Kaiser WebSiteTips:
HS Tips
Drag-and-drop Images
Let HomeSite add the HTML for your images with the drag-and-drop feature.
Shirley Kaiser WebSiteTips:
HS Tips
Convert Tag Cases
Convert all your HTML tags with the click of a button.
Shirley Kaiser WebSiteTips:
HS Tips
Essential Homesite 4.5 Tips
Suggestions for beginners for ways to use HomeSite 4.0/4.5 more efficiently. (article removed from original site, available via Wayback machine.)
Dan Perry WebmasterBase
HomeSite Tutorials
Tutorials for some features in HomeSite. (Quick Start, inserting images, tables special characters, creating image maps) For beginners. (section removed from original site, available via Wayback machine.)
Dan Perry WebmasterBase
Editing Referenced Files in HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio
A new feature in HomeSite 5 and ColdFusion Studio 5 is the ability to open and edit included files from the tag that references them. See also the Edit linked file and Open File scripts.
Dennis Carothers Macromedia
HomeSite Wizards Jump Start Web Development
Site Spotlight and discussion of using HomeSite's Frame and JavaScript Wizards.
- Macromedia
HomeSite Stays Out of Developer's Way Until Needed
Site Spotlight and discussion of using HomeSite's validation tool, comprehensive HTML reference, and multilevel undo.
- Macromedia
Making Full Use of the Tools at Hand (Part I)
Maximizing code re-use because we hate typing! (covers snippets & document templates. may be too CF'y for HomeSite use)
Fred T. Sanders and Nat Papovich FusionAuthority
HomeSite TechNote: Sharing components in HomeSite
TechNote 17144: If you are working in a group environment, it is sometimes better to share certain components in HomeSite to increase productivity. This article gives examples on how to do this and lists the components that can be shared.
See also: Tip: Sharing components, snippets, templates in Homesite/Studio
- Macromedia
HomeSite TechNote: Resource usage in HomeSite, ColdFusion Studio, and JRun Studio
TechNote 21011: Some customers operating HomeSite, ColdFusion Studio, or JRun Studio in Windows 95/98/ME have experienced issues with running out of system resources. This article explains the reasons why some customers may encounter this issue and ways to alleviate it.
- Macromedia
HomeSite TechNote: Unicode issues in HomeSite/HomeSite+ 5.5
Technote 19059: Info about some unicode and UTF-8 issues with HomeSite 5.5
- Macromedia
HomeSite TechNote: Win2000/NT Users get an Error when trying to Launch HomeSite or Studio 4.5.1
TechNote 17616: discusses rights needed to run HS/Studio under Win2k/NT.
- Macromedia
HomeSite TechNote: HomeSite compatibility on Windows Vista
TechNote kb402832: discusses compatibility and setup needed to run HS/Studio under Win Vista.
See also FAQ: Does Homesite work in Windows Vista?
HomeSite TechNote: Using Linkbot with HomeSite/Studio
TechNote 9928: In HomeSite/Studio we added a new feature that allows you to use Linkbot within the product. This article will explain the steps involved in setting up Linkbot to work with HomeSite/Studio.
- Macromedia
HomeSite TechNote: File appears to be double spaced when viewed in either HomeSite 4.0 or CF Studio 4.0
TechNote 5830: related to opening files in unix format.
- Macromedia
HomeSite TechNote: HomeSite 5.x: Error when using Visual Source Safe with HomeSite/HomeSite+ on Windows Server 2003
Technote 19150: a problem and workaround.
- Macromedia
TechNote: Reserved Words for Various Databases
TechNote 22056: Certain words are reserved database words. If you use these words in your SQL statements or in CFML code, for instance, they can cause unexpected behavior. This article provides links to reserved database word lists for various databases.
- Macromedia
FAQ: Resources for those having trouble with HomeSite and WinXP SP2
While the great majority of HomeSite users are having no problems with the WinXP SP2 update, a few are, so here are some resources for those having trouble.
- Macromedia
Getting into HomeSite+
"Fans of ColdFusion Studio may lament that Macromedia no longer sells the product, but take heart. It really does continue to exist in the guise of HomeSite+, which is basically the same thing and then some. What's more - if you own Dreamweaver MX, you can install HomeSite+ free. Have you checked it out?" (pub 6/2003)
See also: blog: Using DWMX? Wish you had CF Studio or HomeSite+? You do, for free!
Charlie Arehart
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CF Developer's Journal
FAQ: Setting encoding in web authoring applications
Tips on saving documents from their editor in a particular encoding. (HomeSite is included)
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