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HomeSite uses the TSyntaxMemo editor component. It has a scripting language for making syntax coloring parsers. These are the files that define how code in a particular language (syntax) are colored and highlighted. Users have created parsers with improvements or to support additional languages. You will find a few more languages in the Developers Exchange.

If you would like to write your own parser, see the FAQ on Writing your own Syntax Coloring Parser Scripts for links to some help. TSyntaxMenu docs, tutorials and sample scripts are also available.

Name Description Author Requires Link Updated
Syntax Coloring Parsers
HomeSite Syntax Coloring Parser Script sources Macromedia has made the source scripts for all the syntax coloring parsers that come with HomeSite available for download. Now HomeSite users can tweak or improve the syntax coloring that comes with HomeSite without having to write their own from scratch. You can also build your own parsers for additional languages with these as starting points. (Previously only the compiled files were available for the HS parsers, not the source scripts) These are from HomeSite v5.2. Here is the usage license/EULA. Macromedia HS5+ # 2/20/03
ASP languages # 
You'll find excellent classic ASP parsers already built-in to HomeSite 4.5 and above for ASP/VBscript, ASP/Jscript & ASP/Generic.
ASPX-CSharp Parser Syntax coloring for .aspx or .ascx files with embedded scripts written in C#. Support for HTML, C#, JavaScript, Server-Side Includes, and Style Sheets. W. K. Lau
HS 4.5.2+ # 2/24/03
ASPX-VB Parser Syntax coloring for .aspx or .ascx files with embedded scripts written in VB.NET. Support for HTML, VB.NET, JavaScript, Server-Side Includes, and Style Sheets. W. K. Lau
HS 4.5.2+ # 8/1/03
C# Parser Syntax coloring for files written in C# (C sharp), the new language by Microsoft as a part of its .NET Framework. Ray Dise HS 4.5+ # 10/15/01
Vb.Net Parser Syntax coloring for files written in Vb.NET (files with a ".vb" extension). Jose Luis Barreda HS 4.5+ # 12/16/01
Perlscript & Generic ASP Parser The ASP-Generic parser included in HS 4.5 and above is designed to support Perlscript and other host languages under ASP which don't yet have a specific parser. - HS 4.5+ # -
Other languages # 
Flash MX ActionScript Parser
(orig loc)
Syntax coloring for Flash MX ActionScript. Brett Errington HS 4.5+ # 10/7/02
.ini and .conf parser a parser for .ini files and doxygen .conf files. Yuri Weseman
HS 4+ # 8/8/05
MML parser Syntax coloring parsers for MML, Gordano Mail MetaLanguage. Source script included. Note: the source is a good example of parsers for scripting languages. Matt Lavallee HS5 # 5/1/03
PHP5 parser Added support for new PHP5 functions, statements like try, catch, throw, public, private, const, final, etc.. and objects like Exception, DomDocument, etc. Built starting from Sean Callan's php_4b parser. Jeremy Swinborne HS 5+ # 8/6/04
PHP 4b
updated PHP4 parser
a modified MM PHP4 parser that has:
- updated recognized functions for PHP 4.3
- added recognition of variables and escape sequences ("\n", "\t", etc.) in strings.
- the coloring of HTML attibutes is enabled.
- Disabled highlighting of HTML attributes because a bug in HomeSite causes errors when HTML attribute highlighting is enabled and more than one PHP block is included in a single HTML tag attribute.
Discussed in this thread.
Sean Callan HS 4.5+ # 10/21/04
PHP4 plus html attributes a slightly modified PHP4 parser that has the coloring of HTML attibutes enabled. Discussed in this thread. The only change from Macromedia's PHP is to uncomment the line:
Christian Swoboda HS 4.5+ # 5/19/04
Python Parser a parser for the python language. Artiom Vendelev HS5+ # 2/13/06
Smarty Parser Syntax coloring for Smarty, a template engine for PHP Gabor Hojtsy HS 4.5+ # 4/28/01
TCL Parser
Syntax coloring for TCL (Tool Command Language). Scott Gamon HS 4+? # 2/14/03
Tridion CMS parsers Syntax coloring parser and switching scripts (and much more) for the Tridion content management system (CMS). Support for R4 and R5. (or for Tridion v4) Bernard Nirlo HS 4.5/5/+ # 10/15/03
XSL Parser Syntax coloring for XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language). B.J. Johnson HS 4.5+ # 5/28/02
A number of older syntax parsers for HomeSite or other TSyntaxMemo apps. (Perl, CSS, JSP, PHP, XML, ASP, Vbscript etc) (in development) There is also a parser test tool available here. Weyert de Boer
HS 4+ # -
HTML+ ASP parsers Syntax coloring parsers for HTML and ASP. Better than either the HTML Full Tag or the ASP parsers provided by Macromedia in HS 4.0x. Support for HTML, ASP (VBScript and Jscript), JavaScript, and Style Sheets. Also PHP and JSP. Note that only his 3.0 parser will run in HS4.01.

Collier did such a good job that Allaire hired him to write some all-new parsers for the HS 4.5.1 and 5.0 releases.

Note that the parsers in 4.5.x are by Collier and are more current than the HTML+ parsers. You should use the parsers in 4.5.x or 5.x if you have it. Use HTML+ ONLY if you are running HS 4.0x.

B. Collier Jones HS 4.0x
# (old)

See also:

Note: When I say "HS3+" in requirements, I mean that this item will work with HomeSite or Studio version 3 or greater. Likewise "HS4+" items will work with HomeSite v4.0x or Studio 4.0x or later. (including HS v5.x)

Homesite vs. Studio: Please note that these extensions are written for various version of Macromedia (Allaire) HomeSite. Macromedia also makes two other products, ColdFusion Studio and JRun Studio that are supersets of HomeSite. These extensions should work in these products as well, though you should watch the version numbers. Studio version numbers follow HomeSite versions so something that works in a particular version of HomeSite should work in that same version of CF or JRun Studio.