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With permission of the author and owner, I am posting copies of the Dbrock software TSyntaxMemo collection docs and sample scripts. They are no longer available on and anyone wanting to write syntax coloring parser scripts will need them. The docs include information on the TSyntaxMenuParser scripting language.

What you see here is all I have. Please do not email me for copies of additional TSyntaxMemo files or for any TSM support. I cannot provide either.

Name Description Author Updated
TSyntaxMemo Documentation
This windows help file documents the TSyntaxMemo component collection including TSyntaxMemoParser and the scripting language used to write language syntax highlighting parsers for TSyntaxMemoParser. This is the official documentation provided by the author. Files are dated 5/19/99. David Brock 5/19/99
TSyntaxMemo Sample Parser Scripts
This zip contains a number of sample or example source scripts for TSyntaxMemoParser. They are particularly useful if you are trying to write syntax highlighting parsers for additional languages. Most recent files are dated 3/28/99. Scripts included:
  • ANSI C/C++
  • ANSI C
  • Email
  • HTML
  • HTML with JavaScript and VBScript
  • INI Files
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • LISP
  • Object Pascal
  • Plain text
  • SQL
  • TSyntaxMemo scripts
  • Visual Basic
David Brock 3/28/99
HomeSite Syntax Coloring Parser Script sources Macromedia has made the source scripts for all the syntax coloring parsers that come with HomeSite available for download. Now HomeSite users can tweak or improve the syntax coloring that comes with HomeSite without having to write their own from scratch. You can also build your own parsers for additional languages with these as starting points. (Previously only the compiled files were available for the HS parsers, not the source scripts) These are from HomeSite v5.2. They also have a copy of the TSyntaxMemo docs there. Here is the usage license/EULA. Macromedia 2/20/03
Tutorial: Creating Syntax Highlighting Parsers for HomeSite A basic tutorial that provides a introduction to the process of creating and installing syntax parsers for HomeSite 4.5 and later. Runs you through a simple example parser development. Essential reading for parser work. (offline zipped copy) B. Collier Jones 1/5/2001

Note: If you have additional TSM scripts or information that you can share with others, please email me either a link or copies and I'll consider including them here or on the asp4hs or php4hs parsers lists.

Note: There seems to be some confusion about compiling TSM parser scripts for HomeSite or Studio. HS/CFS/JRS can compile new or updated scripts themselves. You do not need a separate TSM executable to compile. See Collier's Tutorial or these installation instructions for more info. FWIW, I do not have copies of the TSM executables or anything beyond what is listed on this page.

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