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Add-in's Under Development - What's New

This area of Asp4Hs will provide some information about add-on's that are still under development, and will help others to provide feedback and testing during the development.

App Description Author Status
ASP<>ADO DB Connection dialog/ASP code generator written in VB Randy Eastwood Early Dev

To Users/Testers/Downloaders: If you download anything from this section, remember that it is alpha or beta and that you should check back later for released versions.

To Authors/Coders/Scripters: If you are writing an add-on or app that useful to Asp4hs/Php4Hs users, or to HomeSite/CFS users in general, and would like a link or some user feedback, let me know and we can talk about whether it makes sense to add info here. I may even add a discussion forum on-site that could support this.

Privacy Note: I won't add info here unless you ask me to. In other words, your in-dev apps that we're still reviewing will stay private except where you ask me to post info.

News: (4/20)
The first app to test here is Randy Eastwoods ASP ADO app

... and perhaps adding a discussion forum to asp4hs...