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A number of people have asked about using HomeSite with common source and version control software applications like Microsoft's Visual SourceSafe or RCS or CVS. Many people seem not to know that HomeSite has worked with VSS and other packages that support SCCI (Source Code Control Interface) since version 4.0.

From the help... "HomeSite uses the source-code control (SCC) interface to connect with a wide range of standard source control products including Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Intersolv PVCS, and StarBase Versions. HomeSite can work with both client-based and server-based systems."

There are also ways to use HomeSite/Studio with CVS and RCS, primarily using toolbar buttons. More info below.

Feel free to send me info if you have more on something I have listed or something I'm missing.

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Using HomeSite with Clearcase

In the thread: Any information on using ClearCase for source control?
Skip Wilson, on Wednesday, February 06, 2002 11:40 AM wrote:

We got this working yesterday and since Macromedia/Allaire doesn't like to support it's products, I thought I would try to help. To get this working using Clearcase 4.0 and Homesite 5.0 on NT4, we had to do the following:

  1. First make sure Clearcase is installed and working properly. When Windows loads open the "ClearCase Home Base", go to the "Views" tab, click "Start View", and choose the view you want to access. This will create a mapped drive letter (e.g. X:\) through which you can use to access files in that specific view.

  2. On the HomeSite "Projects" tab, click the new "Create Project button". Give it a name and select a location for the "Project File". I believe this location needs to be set to the root folder of the view you want to work with. This *should* give you a list of all the folders and files under that view, but you won't be able to execute Clearcase commands yet.

  3. Right-click on the name of the Project, choose "source control" -> "Choose Source Control Provider", and then make sure Clearcase is selected. Then right-click on the Project name again, go to "source countrol" -> "map project to source control", and select the same root folder within the Clearcase mapped drive where you stored your "project file".

Once you do all three of those things, you should be able to execute Clearcase commands by right-click on files in the project window, or by using source control toolbar.