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Randy Eastwoods DB Conn Add-on

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Add-in's Under Development

Randy Eastwood ( is in the process of developing a database connection ASP/vbscript code generator add-in and would like some input and suggestions for what features people would like. The add-in is being written in Visual Basic, thus hopefully making it more powerful and flexible than one written entirely in WSH scripting or as a VTML custom dialog. Here's what he says:

"Thought I would let you know I am in the process of writing a database connection dialogue for Homesite 4.5.2 using Visual Basic 6. (embedding an ActiveX control within a Custom dialogue)

What I wanted to ask you is to place something on the website asking your visitors what they would like the dialog to be able to do. For example, some of my ideas are, more extensive exposure of ADO 2.5 objects, methods and properties, possibly viewing the database column and row names, etc.. I should have a very early alpha version of my app in a week or so. In my app I have a reference to the Allaire Client Application Library that the Homesite45.exe file exposes as a scriptable interface.

This allows me to access the full range of the Homesite "VTOM" within my app and integrate it with all of the other rich Active X controls available from within the VB IDE. Right now I'm in the process of building my own wrapper class around the VTOM. I'm slowly working my way through testing each VTOM object to see what functionality it exposes (or more importantly, what NON-functionality, i.e. unintended "features" aka bugs) it has." ~ Randy Eastwood


  1. At the moment, the application will only work with HomeSite or CFS version 4.5.2, not with earlier versions, though it may once we determine VTOM object support in earlier versions.
News: (4/20)
Randy has an early alpha that isn't yet ready for test release, but I'll be posting more info and screen shots here ASAP. ~jw

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