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o Wilk4 SuperLinks
(webdev, humor, reading & books, etc)

o CPC Links Pages

My older lists, moving into SuperLinks...
o Fun & Misc Stuff
o Web Design Resources
o ASP Resources
o Favorite Software

Sites I've Worked

o Central Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, MD
o Hortico Nurseries
o Brassica Protection Products LLC
o Brassica Teas (current design isn't mine)
o BroccoSprouts
o Fretboard Fellowship
o Cassandra Bailey, Realtor
o Larry Jones Illustration
o NotGNU Emacs Editor
o HeadHuggers

See also...

o Asp4Hs: ASP Development Extensions for Homesite
o Website Development Resources (my creations)
o CPC Website Ministry FAQ

A very cool new ASP/XML links list manager web application called SuperLinks that I helped beta-test is available now. I'm moving my other links lists into it. Check out my SuperLinks list. Tons of good stuff in there.