Website Development Resources

I've added some pages here that may be useful to other webdevelopers. I'll add others as I get time. (Possibly some ASP technique examples) Let me know if there are modifications or additions that would be useful to you.

Design and Development
  • CPC Website Ministry FAQ
    A guide, discussion and FAQ concerning development of church or ministry websites. It covers a number of questions we've been asked, and is probably of use for non-church/ministry sites as well.

  • Writing or Converting Help Sets for HomeSite Use
    Allaire/Macromedia published an article I wrote for them... "One of the more useful features of the HomeSite editor is that it has a system for built-in help and documentation that is easy to customize and extend. Here are some suggestions for how to write help doc sets or convert existing ones for best use under HomeSite."

  • Wilk4: SuperLinks
    An extensive set of links to good website design and development resources.

Active Server Pages
  • Guestbook
    I have an ASP guestbook built up from Kathi O'Shea's example with quite a few extra features, a maintenance interface and styling niceties added. You can see several examples: Wilk4 GB, Hortico's GB, and HeadHuggers GB.
    Please do NOT use these guestbooks for testing. I will provide a test/example GB when I release the code.
    As soon as I get time to clean up the code a bit, I'll be releasing it here.

  • Canned Email Function
    I developed a handy ASP page/function that lets you add a simple email response generation page to websites. It can let you quickly send out individual messages based upon a number of 'canned' (pre-written) messages, but adding personal or order-based information and allowing hand-editing before sending. This is not a spam function, but rather a nice way to do replies to order submissions, guestbook entries, etc. using a standard set of templates, but allowing editing first. Again, as soon as I get time to clean up the code a bit, I'll be releasing it here.

  • 2eNetWorX TableEditoR
    I have made some contributions and testing of this excellent free, open source ASP database administration tool. At the moment I'm the head of a small team working on the next release of TE.


Cascading Style Sheets tutorial, test and example pages.

CSS lets you do some neat things to the look of your website, but the incompatibilities in CSS support between browsers can drive you nuts.

  • Link Colors By Section
    Learn to set link text colors differently in various sections of a single page using only CSS and HTML (no Javascript).

  • One of the tips for solutions for CSS compatibility problems that I sent it was published in the May '00 HTML Writer's Guild newsletter. The rest of them are on the HWG site here.

Font sizing in CSS is a particularly annoying issue across different browsers. There are few good answers on how to make it work well right now, though lots of discussion. Below are a few of my tests and thoughts as well as a few of the better (IMO) resource discussions on the topic.

Here are a few offsite discussions of font sizing with CSS that stood out enough to emphasize here.

  • Wilk4: Superlinks: CSS Text Sizing
    A more current set of links to useful discussions and resources on this topic.

  • Zeldman's Daily Report: Accessible Font Sizing, 7/16/02 and the followup on 7/17/02 discuss the difficulties in controlling font sizing across different browsers in a way that allows users the accessibility feature of resizing to their preferences. Offers a keyword-based approach and a number of useful links.

  • ALA: Fear of Style Sheets 4
    Discusses what does work in any "CSS-capable" browser, no matter how old, inadequate, or semi-standards-compatible. Suggests that in controlling font sizes with CSS, only 2 things really work:
    1. Use pixels (not points, not ems, not percentages, not keywords) to specify your font sizes. Or:
    2. Use nothing. Do not specify font sizes at all, and let the browser's stylistic defaults and the visitor's preferences take care of the relative size relationships.

  • ALA: CSS: Making Alternate Style Sheets Work
    Details how to make a little widget you can put on your site that lets users quickly pick between several style sheets, perhaps with different font sizes. Works well, though it's sad that it's come to this because of font size control in CSS being so poor.

  • Toward a standard font size interval system
    An essay-in-progress by Todd Fahrner on CSS font size intervals. (TF's Agitprop site also has many other excellent css discussions.)

  • Agitprop: Beyond the FONT tag: Practical HTML text styling

test and example pages

I've started playing with some Javascript, starting with modifying public domain scripts from places like The JavaScript Source.

Plus I have a few of my own, cooked from scratch...

Tutorial, test and example pages

Links Wilk4: SuperLinks
An extensive set of links to good website design and development resources.