Misc Vote Counting Jokes

As the USA twisted and turned while Florida decided who would be president, a great many good and bad jokes went around... Here are a few...

A new mathematical process has been defined:
al*gore*rithm -n. Math. A process whereby a finite set is counted repeatedly until the desired number of items is reached, whether or not that number is less than or greater than the finite number of items in the set.

This from Paul Harvey:
"No wonder Al Gore thinks he is president - this is a most confusing time. The leading rap singer is white, the world's best golfer is black, and Bill Clinton just got back from Vietnam."

102 97 Dalmations
The movie "102 Dalmatians" is set to release this weekend, however in Florida it's only going to be "97 Dalmatians". Palm Beach County has decided to throw out 5 of them because the dots were in the wrong place.

Late Breaking News
CNN/ ABC /CBS and NBC are revisiting the outcome of the United States Civil War - it appears that it was too close to call and the South may still have a chance. Documents were found that support the fact that some people joined the wrong side - apparently they weren't aware that their states were in the South and they were fighting for the North.

A recount of all the battles is now being simulated with new populations, via computer, to see who would have actually won. Right now it's just too close to call.

Both the Union and the Confederacy are claiming victory.

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