Asp4Hs/PHP4Hs: Disclaimer

In case anyone cares to know...

I am not an employee of Adobe, Macromedia or Allaire, nor am I paid anything by them to produce this site or any of its contents... I am just a long-term user of HomeSite, from the v2.x days before Nick Bradbury sold it to Allaire. I have been active on the forums and in alpha and beta testing since then and have enjoyed being able to provide help to others and feedback to Nick, Allaire and Macromedia that helps to improve HomeSite.

I have chosen to create and maintain the Asp4Hs/Php4Hs site out of my own interest and as a service to encourage other ASP and PHP developers who choose to use the HomeSite editor.

The "Why use HomeSite for ASP? (or PHP)" article was completely written by me based upon my own experience.

I should admit that I do have a few Allaire and Macromedia t-shirts they've sent me over the years... but that's not enough to buy my opinion... I don't come that cheap ;-)

Also, I haven't made most of these extensions myself, so I can't fully vouch for their functionality or quality beyond the testing I have done. You'll have to discuss that with their authors. Let me know too, though if you find problems.

Jeff Wilkinson

Update May 2001: Allaire has offered to pay me to write some articles for their website about various aspects of HomeSite. The first was just published. No, I haven't been bought yet.

Team Macromedia Update Sept. 2001: I'm now a member of Team Macromedia, a group of volunteer 'enthusiasts' that helps out in the MM support forums. I'm on the team for HomeSite. It's volunteer only, a few minor perks, but no pay and soul still unbought (alas ;-).

Update 2006: With the acquistion of Macromedia by Adobe, Team Macromedia is now called Adobe Community Experts.