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ASP.Net I've started adding an ASP.Net/HomeSite resources and add-on's section of the Asp4Hs site. Hopefully this short start will grow quite a bit as we go. Please pass me a note to tell me of any ASP.Net-specific HomeSite add-on's you know of or have written. This can certainly include general scripts, vtml dialogs or add-on's that are not-specifically, but are useful to .NET'ers. See the submissions page for further info. I've also added some ASP.Net-specific requests to the Top Priority Enhancement Requests list.

Particular needs include the following:

Name Description Author Requires Link Updated
Syntax Coloring Parsers # 
ASPX-CSharp Parser Syntax coloring for .aspx or .ascx files with embedded scripts written in C#. Support for HTML, C#, JavaScript, Server-Side Includes, and Style Sheets. W. K. Lau
HS 4.5.2+ # 2/24/03
ASPX-VB Parser Syntax coloring for .aspx or .ascx files with embedded scripts written in VB.NET. Support for HTML, VB.NET, JavaScript, Server-Side Includes, and Style Sheets. W. K. Lau
HS 4.5.2+ # 8/1/03
C# Parser Syntax coloring for files written in C# (C sharp), the new language by Microsoft as a part of its .NET Framework. Ray Dise HS 4.5+ # 10/15/01
Vb.Net Parser Syntax coloring for files written in Vb.NET (files with a ".vb" extension). Jose Luis Barreda HS 4.5+ # 12/16/01
Generic Parsers The ASP-Generic parser included in HS 4.5.x and above is designed to support Perlscript and other host languages under ASP which don't yet have a specific parser. It may suffice for ASP.Net until better specific parsers are written. - HS 4.5+ # -
HomeSite Syntax Coloring Parser Script sources Macromedia has made the source scripts for all the syntax coloring parsers that come with HomeSite available for download. Now HomeSite users can tweak or improve the syntax coloring that comes with HomeSite without having to write their own from scratch. You can also build your own parsers for additional languages with these as starting points. (Previously only the compiled files were available for the HS parsers, not the source scripts) These are from HomeSite v5.2. Here is the usage license/EULA. Macromedia HS5+ # 2/20/03
You'll find excellent classic ASP parsers built-in to HomeSite 4.5.x and above for ASP/VBscript, ASP/Jscript & ASP/Generic. See also Syntax Coloring Parsers and the FAQ on Writing your own Syntax Coloring Parser Scripts. TSyntaxMenu docs and sample scripts are also available.
Custom Dialogs / Tag Editors / Tag Insight (VTM) # 
smNet Server Controls

.Net tag editors for HomeSite
An ASP.Net web server controls add-on suite for HS/CFS consisting of Wizards (new document creation), Tag Editors, Tag Insight and Property Inspectors. 32 different Tag Editors are available as buttons from 2 Toolbars or from "Edit Tag." Tag Insight supports the 32 server control tags and 7 style tags. Wizards make new document creation simple for three categories: Asp.Net, C#.Net and VB.Net. (free partial evaluation set, full set costs $, though it's very reasonable) Synergy Media Inc.
HS 4.5x+ # 2/16/03
ActiveScripts / WSH Scripts    (see also WSH Scripts) # 
Compiler Call Scripts for ASPX C#/VB.Net

These scripts call a C# or VB.Net compiler for ASP.NET code behind pages. They dynamically create a .bat file in the HomeSite root and then run the cs .Net compiler. The scripts then create the /bin directory and copy the compiled .dll to the directory. Then they run the internal HS browser to preview the .aspx file (Assuming your aspx has the same base name. ex: myClass.aspx / myClass.aspx.cs). Separate scripts for C# and VB.Net. Michael Jaffe
& Michael Volz
.Net Framework and IIS
# 2/23/03
Compiler Call Scripts for C# Another set of scripts for calling a C# compiler for ASP.NET pages. These come with bat files and make a nice example for passing files and paths to a command-line utility from HomeSite. Easy to mod for other uses. See RC's blog entry. Raymond Camden
HS4+ # 1/22/04
Compiler Call Script for C#/VB.Net This script calls a VB.Net or C# compiler for ASP.NET code. It dynamically creates a .dll file in the bin directory. It runs directly in the HomeSite IDE so no .bat file is necessary and all call's are made to imports. (english and portugese versions) Cosme Marins HS4+ # 6/4/04
.Net Compile This script allows the compilation of scripts and then allows you to step through any errors, opening the appropriate file for the error that it is currently positioned on. It will also attempt to position the cursor at the exact location in the file. This supports C#, J#, VB and JScript. Brian Dines
HS 4+ # 8/1/05
.Net Sub routine and function commentor Helps you create comment headers for functions and subroutines using 2 simple toolbar buttons that call scripts. This version is specifically for .Net syntax. Iain Alexander HS 4+ # 11/12/02
VB New Property A script to generate code to define a property. More info in the script comment header. Jens Gyldenkærne Clausen HS 4+ # 8/4/04

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Note: When I say "HS3+" in requirements, I mean that this item will work with HomeSite or Studio version 3 or greater. Likewise "HS4+" items will work with HomeSite v4.0x or Studio 4.0x or later. (including HS v5.x)

Homesite vs. Studio: Please note that these extensions are written for various version of Macromedia (Allaire) HomeSite. Macromedia also makes two other products, ColdFusion Studio and JRun Studio that are supersets of HomeSite. These extensions should work in these products as well, though you should watch the version numbers. Studio version numbers follow HomeSite versions so something that works in a particular version of HomeSite should work in that same version of CF or JRun Studio.