Everybody Knows Bob

One day a bartender was tending his bar, when a fellow walked in, ordered a drink, and said, "Hi, my name's Bob, and I know everybody."

So the bartender, wanting to have a little fun, said, "I bet you don't know Elvis." Bob says,"Oh, I know Elvis! We were kids together, we grew up together." So Bob and the bartender made a bet that Bob didn't know Elvis. Bob and the bartender went down to the cheap appartment in Mexico where Bob thought Elvis was living, tapped on the door, and Elvis answered. "Bob, ole' buddy, long time no see!....etc.." So Bob won his bet with the bartender.

Two weeks later, Bob walks back into the bar, orders a drink, and says, "Hi, my name's Bob, and I know everybody."

So the bartender says, " Oh yeah? I bet you don't know Tom Hanks."

Bob replies, " Oh, yeah, Tom and I were on a Little League team together; I know Tom!" So Bob and the bartender make another bet, and they go to Hollywood. Bob drives them to Tom Hank's mansion, and they knock on the door. Tom Hanks answers the door and exclaims," Bob, where've you been all this time!...etc..." So Bob won his second bet with the bartender

Three weeks later Bob walks back into the bar, orders a drink, and says, "Hi my name's Bob, and I know everybody."

The bartender looks at Bob, and says,"Look, Bob, you've almost won all my money. But I'll bet my last $200 that you don't know the Pope." Bob says, (Can you guess?)" Oh, yeah, the Pope and I were in Scouts together, I know the Pope."

So Bob and the bartender go to the Vatican and stand with the huddled masses,waiting for the Pope to come out and address them.

The Pope doesn't appear, and Bob says, "Gee, maybe I'd better go check on him and make sure he's OK."The bartender says, "Yeah, you go check on the Pope. Sure." So Bob goes to check on the Pope, and in a few minutes comes out on the little balcony thing with his arm around the Pope.

Then Bob notices that his friend the bartender has passed out, so he excuses himself and runs to the bartender. He quickly revives the bartender and asks,"Gee, was it losing your last $200 that made you pass out like that?"

The bartender replies," No, when you came out with your arm around the Pope, this nice little old lady said, 'Hey, who is that up there with Bob?'