Buzzword Generator

Wish you could compose prose which would convince the reader you are knowledgeable (even if the subject is completely foreign to you)? Simply employ the "Buzzword" writing method. It is simple. There are three columns of words involved, as follows:

0. balanced 0. management 0. contingency
1. total 1. organization 1. hardware (or) software
2. integrated 2. reciprocal 2. projection
3. compatible 3. monitored 3. time-frame
4. synchronized 4. digital 4. concept
5. optimal 5. modular 5. programming
6. responsive 6. transitional 6. mobility
7. functional 7. incremental 7. capability
8. parallel 8. third-generation8. flexibility
9. systemized 9. policy 9. options

Just select any three-digit number; then use the corresponding Buzzwords from the above grid, e.g., 257: "integrated modular capability." Don't worry if it doesn't make sense to you; it won't mean anything to anyone else either, but they'll think you're just smarter than they are so they won't say anything!! You can propose "systemized reciprocal options" (929) to achieve "optimal transitional flexibility" (568), and your boss will probably promote you!!