System Administrator's Log - Uninstalling Wife 1.0

June 6
Well, I've had it. Wife 1.0 worked so poorly I had to run the uninstaller. Unfortunately, the uninstaller requires all of the cache, and a utility called DivorceLawyer 6.0. The uninstall was far from clean, leaving bits and pieces scattered all over the place. The main drawback is that even though I've uninstalled Wife 1.0, it STILL requires system resources. I've sworn off the category altogether.

January 12
Yesterday, I installed GoldenRetriever 1.0 and PickupTruck 98. I'm looking at the entire PowerTools suite. DrinkingBuddies 1.0 seems to be finally working again, but it can't run over a network with other copies of Wife 1.0, or any version of GirlFriend, on the network.

February 3
I can't believe how well GoldenRetriever 1.0 works! It needs minimal resources, yet it's always there and willing to help with any task I'm doing (a friend has Cat 3.6 and hates it; it came with Wife 1.0, another of those useless add-ons like MotherInLaw 55.8 and BrotherInLaw Beta). The only disadvantage is that GoldenRetriever 1.0 needs to run occasionally on the FrigginColdNight OS.

April 9
Man, I miss the HotFood and the Lingerie modules. On a whim, I tried typing C:/HEY BABY YOURE HOT into a machine in the local library, but it turned out to be a dumb terminal. Not having much luck outside of my own system.

May 22
Just installed GirlFriend 5.0. Now how does this work again?

Thanks to Dave Walker from Calgary, Canada who sent this to me.
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