Evolution of Grandparents

I am learning about evolution. Not the kind of evolution that says we were once plankton and now we can ride skateboards... the kind of evolution that happens to mothers who become grandmothers. It's the strangest thing I have witnessed yet. Let me give you some background...

I didn't know what a potato chip was until I was in 5th grade. No joke. My mother bought natural peanut butter (blech), wheat bread, grew her own alfalfa sprouts and made her own yogurt. We were never allowed to eat sugared cereal and her idea of a sweet snack was an apple. At school I would try to trade my lunch.

ME- "Hey, you wanna trade?"

FRIEND- "Sure, whatcha got?"

ME- "I'll trade you my turkey and beansprout on whole wheat, carrot sticks and banana for your bag of Fritos?"

FRIEND- "What? Are you kidding? You tryin' to kill me or something?"

So, I sat there nibbling on my wheat nuts while other kids nibbled on Oreos and Snickers bars. Get the picture? Now leap forward thirty something years. I am in the store with my mom (Mimi) and she is helping me pick out baby food for Ericka. I have my hands full of organic chicken and rice and unsweetened applesauce while my mother is busily stuffing Vanilla Custard and Tropical Fruit dessert into the bottom of the cart. "Ooooooooh!", she exclaims. "Mimi's little Boo boo has to have some of this yummy tapioca doesn't she?"

I caught her the next day letting Ericka suck on a lollipop and giving her a fingerfull of sugar and cinnamon off of a bagel. I shrieked in horror as she looked at me and said, "What?" "Mom," I said, "no refined sugar!" Do you know what she said to me? Can you guess what my granola making, sprout-growing mother said to me? "Oh Sammy, it's only sugar...lighten up."

And so the evolution of man continues...

FWIW, this was sent to me by my Mom,
who is a Grandma and who is definitely evolving... ;-)