Rules that Girls Wish Guys Knew

First, read Rules that Guys Wish Girls Knew...

  1. Asking a girl on Friday for a date on Saturday is completely unacceptable. Keyword: Planning
  2. Shave every day. One day's growth of facial hair is worse than a girl not shaving her legs for a week.
  3. We may be emotional beings, but do not lie to squirm your way out of trouble. We are not as gullible as you think.
  4. Learn to clean up the toilet. If peeing standing up is so difficult and you are bound to miss, then may we suggest that you learn to use a toilet brush and sponge to clean up after yourself.
  5. We really don't find it attractive when you stand there stratching yourself in the morning, afternoon or night- please do it in private.

  6. Don't do it, if you're not going to follow-thru. A woman would rather not have sex at all, than to have it and miss the climax by a mile because you weren't up for the challenge.
  7. Don't fix it if it's really not broke. You don't need to take everything apart out of curiosity.
  8. Ask for directions
  9. If you said you are going to be somewhere at a certain time, then do it. Don't expect us to wait around.
  10. Professional Wrestling and Soap Opera's are the same story lines, just different costumes. So don't make fun of us for being hooked on Y&R when you are hooked on WWF.

  11. "I don't feel like talking right now" is an acceptable thing to say- Unacceptable thing to do is sit there and pretend you're listening and just say "uh huh" and "yes Dear"- it's condescending.
  12. Get rid of your holey underwear.
  13. If you can ogle so can we!
  14. One remote is ENOUGH... no need to have a control tower in your living room.
  15. Couch Potato is not a sport, so don't try to be an All-star at it!

  16. Your way is not always the right way. Learn to say- "I was wrong"
  17. If we can't talk to you during a football game, then don't try to get our attention during Ally McBeal.
  18. If you say you are going to do something, then just do it. Don't sit around thinking of creative excuses why you couldn't get to it.
  19. We are not your mothers, so don't expect us to clean up after you like one.
  20. SkyLine Chili is not considered a romantic dinner for two.

  21. We have other friends of the male gender, so leave your jealousy at the door!
  22. If you concede to let us decorate the house without any input from you, then don't complain when everything is in frilly flowers, and pink motif.
  23. When wearing a dress shirt, wear an undershirt underneath. Nothing worse than seeing a man's hairy chest and nipples through his shirt. (PINK PINK PINK)
  24. Hey, we CAN be friends with our ex's- so deal with it!
  25. We understand that you have to put on a manly act in front of your friends, but in the privacy of your own home, it's okay if you just want to cuddle.