Christian Pickup and Dumping Lines

Top 10 Christian Pick-up Lines

  1. I just don't feel called to celibacy.
  2. Did I tell you that my great-uncle was a personal friend of Billy Graham?
  3. I don't see it myself, but people tell me I look like Michael W. Smith.
  4. What do you think Paul meant when he said, 'Greet everyone with a holy kiss'?
  5. You have the body of Amy Grant and the soul of Mother Teresa. (DO NOT get this confused!)
  6. You know, I'm really into relationship evangelism.
  7. I'm pretty flexible--I don't think a woman should be submissive on the first date.
  8. Before tonight, I never believed in predestination...
  9. Just looking at you makes me feel all ecumenical.

    And the number one Christian pick-up line...

  10. I hear there's going to be a love offering tonight.


Top 10 Lines Christian Women Use to Break-up

  1. I'm sorry, I've found someone more spiritual.
  2. I'm sorry, it's just not God's will.
  3. I feel called to the ministry_very soon and very far from you as soon as possible.
  4. I'm sorry, it could never work. I'm a sanguine and you're a phlegmatic.
  5. God loves me and must have a better plan for my life.
  6. You know, I feel like I'm dating my brother.
  7. At least I got a lot out of our Bible studies together.
  8. You need someone with lower standards.
  9. I think we should just be prayer partners.

    And the number one break-up line...

  10. I do love you, but it's just agape now.


More Christian Pick-up Lines

Just when you thought there weren't any other ways to start a conversation with a member of the opposite sex, here are a few more Christian pick-up lines that somebody sent to me. Enjoy!

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